Welcome Class of 2024!

It's time to start thinking about your arrival at SNC! To help with the multitude of questions that you may have, we've put together a collection of articles and videos designed to inform, introduce and assist you as incoming members of the Honors Program and St. Norbert College!


Honors Torch Leaders are sophomore, junior, and senior Honors student who serve as mentors for small groups of incoming Honors students.

Mentors communicate regularly with their mentees in early summer and throughout the academic year to foster an environment of support, open communication, and community. 
Mentors and mentees meet on a frequent basis during the semester in weekly informal information sessions (during the reserved Tuesday afternoon block of 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.) in addition to occasional large group events during the Fall semester. Torch Leaders equip first-year students with the knowledge and connections needed to successfully navigate life as a member of the Honors Program and St. Norbert College 


Walk through Bergstrom Hall with graduate of SNC & the Honors Program, Radek Buss '19! Even though you won't find Radek on campus this fall (he's attending med school at MCW-Milwaukee), his video contains great information about move-in (what to expect!) and living in Bergstrom Hall.
Annie Yamamoto '22 is an English Education major from Schaumburg, IL. She's an accomplished vocalist (a member of the Knights on Broadway singing group on campus --AWESOME!) and valuable member of the Honors Office student staff. Annie offers advice and tips for a successful transition to life at SNC and the Honors Program. 
Brianne Barta '21, shares advice about the big question all incoming students have..
The first month is a crazy one, there is simply no way around it. With new friends, new classes, and new places, everything takes some time to adjust. With that said, be easy on yourself! Within a few weeks you will have no challenge navigating the system. But for now, here are ten tips to looking and feeling less like the stereotypically clueless college first-year student.
Curious about what life will be like in Bergstrom Hall? What is Week of Welcome? What's happening on my first day on campus?  Check out these tips that will help address your concerns and maybe even answer some questions you hadn't thought to ask! Plus, hear first-hand from prior residents about their Bergstrom experiences!
Though we don’t recommend abandoning your meal plan, the occasional meal off campus has a host of benefits: it’s an escape the homework, a chance to cement a friendship, and an opportunity to explore De Pere. And many, many college students either know already or find out quick that caffeine is a balm to soothe the tortured soul. Caffeinate yourself at the following magnificent outlets offering espresso and nourishment!
*Add The Exchange to this list - AMAZING!
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