New Orleans 2019

 Reducing Algal Blooms in Dream Lake, WI: Algal and Zooplankton Seasonal Dynamics Indicate Response to Food Web Manipulation 


Conference Presenter: Kelly Haen '20



Many freshwater ecosystems are experiencing increased algal bloom formation due to cultural eutrophication. Dream Lake, a small water body located in Brown Co, WI, has frequent algal blooms and decreased recreational and aesthetic value. From 2012-2018, biomanipulation approaches of piscivore addition and fertilizer reduction were implemented to reduce algal blooms.

Measuring Food Insecurity in an Urban Milwaukee Free Clinic



Conference Presenter: Elisha Jaeke '20 


This study aimed to understand levels of food insecurity within the patient population of a free clinic on the south side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Through examination of social determinants and barriers to becoming food secure, communities can take the necessary steps to providing and/or directing families to local resources.

Alumni Connections: A Student-Driven Approach to Connecting Current and Past Honors Program Members


Conference Presenters: Elisha Jaeke '20 & Andrea' Boyd '22


Focused on fostering the richness and depth of the honors experience, the St. Norbert College Honors Program has developed a student staff position to personally and authentically cultivate an alumni network. The culmination of these efforts is a comprehensive alumni database on which to build and strengthen the honors community.

John J. Hannigan Scholarship Recipient 


This scholarship is awarded  to a student conference presenter who has demonstrated a history of community service and commitment to the spirit of volunteering.


Elisha Jaeke '20

Past SNC Award Recipients

A tradition of excellence....

2018 Student Posters: SPUR Awards
(Sloane Prize for Undergraduate Research)

Social & Behavioral Sciences

1st place: Michelle Lobermeier '19

NCHC Award for Administrative Excellence 


This award ‘honors’ the dedication, hard work, and commitment of individuals in administrative assistant positions.

Stacey Wanta

2015 Student Posters: SPUR Awards
(Sloane Prize for Undergraduate Research)

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

1st place: Collin Dassow '15

2020 NCHC Location: 

Dallas, TX

Applications open 1/20

"Applying to become a student editor of The NCHC Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (UReCA) has been one of the most unique experiences of my undergraduate career. As a first-year student, I took a chance on applying for this position - and I have gained so much from the organization that I decided to return for a second year. As a passionate honors student, I am able to elevate the connection forged between the SNC Honors Program and the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) to a new level. Not only has this relationship been positive for the SNC Honors Program, but I have had numerous irreplaceable opportunities for personal, academic, and professional development. As a UReCA editor, I am empowered to aspire to many lofty goals and challenges such as: presenting a session about and promoting the journal to students, faculty, and the publication board at the annual NCHC national conference in Atlanta and Boston; participating in a weeklong boot camp while going hiking and camping in Bryce Canyon, Utah; working closely with professors and students from other honors programs across the U.S. while gaining unique perspectives from these talented people with a wide range of backgrounds, knowledge, skills, and honors experiences; learning how to operate a journal and move submissions through the publication process; and fostering the intellectual collaboration of students from honors programs across the country! This incredible experience of leading the operations and communications of a student-led, rising national undergraduate research journal is something that very few students can claim to have achieved when they graduate college. I encourage other SNC students to contribute their special individual talents and take this chance to grow, no matter what their major is!"


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