New Initiative: Torch Leaders

September 27, 2016

We've implemented an honors mentor program that matches the early orientation volunteers with the incoming honors students.  Our mentors have been officially renamed "Torch Leaders" to avoid confusion with the SNC 101 mentors! Each Torch Leader has been matched with 2-3 first-year students with similar majors/interests to provide information and guidance as needed.  


Torch Leaders will share information about classes, majors, and opportunities related to their area of study and guide first-years in identifying adequate campus resources throughout the year.


Mentors and mentees have three scheduled opportunities for discussion during the fall semester:

  1. The pizza party at Bergstrom Hall during the evening of honors move-in

  2. The Q&A session during Honors Orientation

  3. An info snack session prior to fall advisement and registration

Program Objectives:

  • A stronger connection will be made with students in the St. Norbert College Honors Program

  • It allows honors students to pass on tips and enthusiasm for the Honors Program and for first-year students to experience a smoother transition to college life

  • First-year students will be better prepared to successfully navigate advisement and registration procedures

  • First-year students will in turn model the leadership roles of current mentors in future honors orientation sessions

  • A mentorship program contributes to a cohesive honors identity and culture


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