A Passion for Dance (Marathon!)

November 11, 2016


Lauren Adams is an SNC senior in the Honors program and co-president of one of the campus’s biggest student organizations, Dance Marathon. Originating from McHenry, IL, Lauren chose to attend St. Norbert College to study Middle-Childhood/Early Adolescent Education with a Math, Spanish, and Music triple minor, as well as participate in the Honors Program. As an incoming first-year, Lauren knew that the Honors Program would be for her, because she enjoyed the idea of the like-minded community living in Bergstrom Hall, where all first-year Honors students share the value of education and challenge each other to grow. Lauren has had “such a positive experience” with her classes and fellow students. Her current Honors class, “Marriage and Family,” she says, is one of the best classes she has taken in her four years at SNC: “The material is extremely interesting and the honors students in my class are very invested in [it].” Lauren also reveals that some of her best friends at SNC are those she met through the Honors Program in Bergstrom, saying that even as seniors “We are able to re-live memories from our classes and residence halls even three years later. I thank the Honors Program for giving me some of the best friends I could ever ask for!”


Aside from the Honors Program, Lauren is very enthusiastic and passionate about her involvement with Dance Marathon. She has been a part of the organization since her freshman year, and is now the Co-President. Lauren’s story goes all the way back to when she was just five years old as a dancer who enjoyed performing for an audience. When she was old enough to come to college, she was not a part of a dance program and “felt like a part of me was missing.” Lauren decided to fulfill her love for dance with Dance Marathon; however, she soon realized that it was so much more than just dance. “As I learned the ‘morale’ dance and listened to how kids were helped by the hospitals, I realized that I was no longer dancing for my own personal enjoyment; instead, I was dancing for the kids who can't,” she says. She recalls tears running down her face when Dance Marathon raised exactly $21,372.01 that first year, remarking that she had “never felt as strong of a connection to anything like that before” in her life, inspiring her to work toward--and ultimately achieve--becoming the Co-President of Dance Marathon.


Many of our Honors students are involved in Dance Marathon. Are you interested in contributing to their mission? Read here to learn more about Dance Marathon from Lauren:

“Dance Marathon is a student-run, non-profit organization that raises money throughout the year for Children’s Hospitals of Wisconsin. In the past 3.5 years of our organization, we have raised just over $100,000 for the kids!! We are coming up on our 4th event called "Miracle Day!" It is time for us to celebrate our fundraising efforts that happened throughout the year! We have our highest fundraising goal yet of $50,000!  "Miracle Day" is taking place on November 5th from 9:00am-10:06pm, or a total of 13.1 hours.  During this time, we will dance, play games, and celebrate the kids from Children’s Hospitals of Wisconsin!!  We dance for the kids who can’t, and pledge to spend these 13.1 hours without sitting or caffeine!  If you attend, you get free food, take-aways, crafts, and a heart full of hope. It is so inspiring to hear the stories about how the money Dance Marathon raises helps the kids from the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. All of our proceeds go towards the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Dancers are required to fundraise $50 to attend because these kids deserve the best!”


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