Rachel Mueller: Where is She Now?

Rachel Mueller - Class of 2014

At a Glance:

Major: Communication and Media Studies

Minor: American Studies

Involvement at SNC: St. Norbert Times, Student Government, Academic Support Services, Summer Operations Supervisor, Internship in Office of Communications

Current Occupation: Communications Specialist

Location: Mulva Library - St. Norbert College

Rachel Mueller, a December 2013 graduate, had no idea that the honors program would become such an impactful addition to her college experience. Three years later, the friends she made and the lessons she learned are still making daily appearances in her life.

From the very beginning, Mueller found the honors program, and specifically Bergstrom Hall, very welcoming. Coming from the small town of Chilton, WI, Mueller appreciated the “close-knit family” that Bergstrom provided. “One of the best things about the honors program,” said Mueller, “is the fact that you live together and you’re experiencing the same things together.” This strong beginning shaped the foundation of friends that she experienced the next four years of classes, clubs, and activities with.

The next four years brought an array of opportunities for Mueller to immerse herself in. Mueller knew that she was passionate about her major - communication, but she was unsure of which minor would best fit her interests. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do in terms of having a minor,” Mueller said, “and then I found American studies and really enjoyed it!” Mueller was one of just a few American Studies minors, which she explains as a broad minor which encompasses all things American culture. This allowed her to take a broad range of classes - from English to music - and to focus on things that interested her in the process.

Involvement at SNC was also a big part of Mueller’s experience, as she experienced everything from managing the football team to arranging facilities for the 2012 Norbertine Order meeting. Most formative, however, were the experiences that closely tied in with her major - Communication and Media Studies. This included working for the St. Norbert Times, in everything from a sports writer to a distributer, but most importantly, interning in the Office of Communications, which gave her a better look into the behind-the-scenes work of higher education.

After graduation, Mueller found a job in freelance market research, but shortly after found her way back to SNC to fill in for a worker on leave. She then found a job with a newspaper and later a marketing agency, but neither were exactly what she was looking for. As fate would have it, a communication specialist position in the Mulva Library opened up, and that’s where Mueller has worked for almost a year now. “I would love to stay here at St. Norbert,” Mueller said. “I love St. Norbert, that’s pretty obvious!” In addition to working with students, staff, and faculty, this position allows Mueller to coordinate the website, social media, and the new digital commons. The higher education environment, and the communications aspect of it specifically, is something Mueller really enjoys. If given the chance, however, Mueller’s dream job would be to review movies and TV shows. “If any student wants a TV or movie recommendation, be sure to come to me,” Mueller said.

There are so many resources available at SNC, said Mueller, and the library is one of the biggest assets available to students. “One of the great things about the library is our variety of spaces, but that’s only the surface,” said Mueller. The library provides many services to students, such as document delivery, a research center, information desk, and online chat service staffed constantly during open hours. Mueller encourages all students to find what they are passionate about and to pursue it, and reminds them that help is always available.

Explore all of the resources available on the Mulva Library website - http://www.snc.edu/library/ .

We wish her the best of luck on all future endeavors!

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