Honors Council: Paving Way to Optimistic Future

December 2, 2016


Strong strides are being made by leaders within the Honors Program this school year to rebuild the recently revived Honors Council for the St. Norbert College Honors Program. The mission of the Honors Council is to unite the 280 Honors students from across the span of all years, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to interact in the day-to-day neither through the program nor on campus. The Council hopes to create a “community feel” that mimics the experience of living together in Bergstrom Hall during each member’s freshman year. Their goal is to accomplish this by hosting enjoyable events that are open to all Honors students.


The Honors Council consists of four board members with four student representatives, one from each year. It is chaired by President Chaz Kestly ‘18, Vice President Chandler Brennan ‘18, Secretary Tyler Butts ‘18, and Treasurer Jack Eckelaert ‘18. The student representatives are Senior Representative Megan Hovell ‘17, Junior Representative Kelsey Motto ‘18, Sophomore Representative Sophia Larsen ‘19, and First-Year Representative Alyssa Higley ‘20.

Reflecting on the current state of the Council this semester, President Chaz Kestly remarks “We’re in a building phase.” He intends for the Honors Council to become a more prominent presence next semester within the Honors Program, establishing more events that will likely become annual affairs. The board has made progress so far, holding bi-weekly meetings to brainstorm ideas and organize events. For instance, this month the Honors Council hosted a brewery tour for senior Honors students. Such an event is paving the way for the Council as they begin to build up a structure for the years to come. Overall, the Honors Council is optimistic that it can benefit the Honors Program and its members as it develops under the care of its leadership and support from the Honors staff member Stacey Wanta and her office staff. 


As the Honors Council works to make improvements and continues to host more programs, they are looking for suggestions on what students in the Honors Program would like to see in the future. The Honors Council is open to sharing ideas by reaching out to President Chaz Kestly at chaz.kestly@snc.edu. For more information about the Honors Council and other leadership within the Honors Program, please visit our website

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