Keeping Honors in the Family: McGoreys

December 6, 2016

What’s better than being able to attend a college that you love? The answer is being able to have your sibling there with you! Meghan McGorey ’17 has been at St. Norbert College for almost four years now and in 2015 she was lucky enough to be joined by younger brother John ’19. These siblings have certainly made their mark on SNC and embody the spirited ambition of true honors students.


In regards to John being at SNC, Meghan exclaims “I see him a lot less than I thought I would, seeing as it is a very small campus, but I know he is always there if I need him.” Especially when inevitable technological issues arise with her computer, Meghan is able to rely on John’s expertise in that area to help her out. John, in fact, works as a Service Desk Student Assistant in ITS, so Meghan isn’t the only one who gets to benefit from his computational knowledge.


Aside from this, John also keeps busy by being involved in both Habitat for Humanity and the St. Norbert Knitting Knights on campus. It’s no wonder that with their busy, and diverse, schedules the two aren’t able to see each other much. John notes, however, that “I do get to take Christian Tradition with her next semester, and I'm interested to see how that goes.” Even though their classes haven’t overlapped in the past, both express excitement for the chance to study alongside one another in Dr. Reginald Kim’s course over the upcoming spring semester.


Meghan especially, with this being her final year before graduation, can add taking class with her brother to the list of great experiences that she’s accrued over her time at St. Norbert. Over the past four years, she has been involved with Dance Marathon, TRIPS, Zambia Project, and, occasionally, she sings with the choir at Old St. Joe's. Were that not enough, she also mentions that “over the last two years I worked at the Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning and ran an academic service-learning program for first-year students. I also studied abroad in Spain for six weeks this past summer.”


Meghan has certainly left big shoes to fill for her younger brother, but John seems to be on track for matching the success that his sister has earned throughout her time at the college; you’re both doing the Honors Program proud!

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