Ask Gerty: On Being Star-Struck

March 24, 2017

Dear Gerty,


My friends and I have always been fans of watching award shows on television. We love watching the stars waltz down the red carpet in their designer outfits while photographers light up the night! Most of our viewing parties go off without a hitch, but something terrible happened when we were watching the Oscars. I had been paying attention to the screen nearly religiously the entire night when all of a sudden I got a text from this cute guy from my chemistry class. He told me to meet him under SNC arch so we could grab a late night treat at Ed’s, but the award for Best Picture was about to be given within the next few minutes! When I asked him to wait, he told me it was urgent because he had an audition for a movie the next morning. I ran to the arch and waited for a whole fifteen minutes before I got a call from my roommate telling me it was all an elaborate prank! So, here’s the situation Gerty- I need to know who won Best Picture, what I should do about my practical joker roommate, and what to do about this cute guy in my chemistry class.



A St. Norbert student who needs answers



Dear St. Norbert student who needs answers,


According to a quick Google search, I have uncovered that the winner for Best Picture in 1943 was Casablanca! Now THAT was a great movie! Full of romance, some fellow named Sam, and other interesting folks. In regards to your troublesome roommate, I advise you follow this clever acronym: WWGD, What Would Gerty Do? The answer is, Gerty would tell her roommate that she totally DID get a date with that cute boy from chemistry class despite her untimely shenanigans! I hear you asking, “What do I do if my roommate finds out that I fibbed?” Well, that’s the best part- you won’t be lying to her! Before you say anything to your roommate, go tell that boy you fancy him, and be sure to drop this quote from Casablanca in there: “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” If that doesn’t woo him over, the boy isn’t worth your time, honey!


“Here's looking at you, kid,”


P.S.: If the picture of a gal worthy of the Best Actress award is what you seek, look no further than this photo of myself from the day I auditioned for the role of Ace Ventura!


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