Meet the Minton Sisters!

March 24, 2017

Sister, Sister! Am I the only one who watched that 90’s sitcom growing up and am now feeling pangs of nostalgia? Regardless of whether or not they’re familiar with the show, sisters Nicole ’18 and Emily Minton ’20 share the same type of sibling camaraderie as is illustrated on screen. Although their time together at St. Norbert has been short, what with Nicole studying abroad last semester in Ireland and Emily being a first-year, they’ve already been able to recognize the benefits of having each other around. In talking about her little sister, Nicole gushes “she’s my best friend,” and while Emily sometimes feels intimidated by her sister’s successful reputation on campus, she says “there isn’t anyone else I would want to strive to be like.” It’s great to see that in this challenging environment the two are able to remain as close as ever.


Notably, both Emily and Nicole have chosen a path in biology, and this allows them to even bond over academics as well. In fact, as a first-year, Emily has taken advantage of being able to look to her sister to “help [her] with any class related questions [she] might have.” A best friend and a personal guide to the ins and outs of SNC? What could be

better?! However, it hardly seems like either would need the extra assistance in their respective field; Nicole, as of late, has been conducting research with Dr. Pratt and both she and Emily are TA’s for the biology department.


Outside of academics, the two keep busy by being involved with different intramurals and clubs. Nicole’s free time is dedicated to working as a teller at the Box Office on campus, and being a member of the Study Abroad Leadership Team (SALT) and Omicron Delta Kappa. Similarly, Emily has fully immersed herself in the SNC community during her first year of college. Specifically, she has participated on an intramural sand volleyball team, and is a member on the entertainment committee for dance marathon and Pre-Health club. With all that they’re involved in, don’t be surprised if you see one of the Minton sisters around on campus. Keep up the great work Nicole and Emily, the Honors Program is proud to have you!


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