It's an Exciting Time to be Involved with SNC Athletics

March 24, 2017

As the construction crew continues putting the finishing touches on the Mulva Family Fitness & Sports Center, we are sure that you have plenty of questions about the upcoming facility. Director of Athletics at St. Norbert College, Tim Bald, might be one of the most excited people on campus about the renovations. Along with a Master’s Degree in Sports Management, Mr. Bald’s impressive résumé includes work experience at Iowa State University as the Director of Football Operations for twelve years and UW-Madison for another six. Add to that the fact that Mr. Bald has been the Director of Athletics here at SNC for 13 years and he is more than qualified to be our guide into the ongoing operation that is the Mulva Family Fitness & Sports Center.


The future facility will have a lot to offer: a training room, an equipment room, a fitness room and an indoor pool open to all students, a performance room, and locker room space open for all visitors, all filled with brand new equipment. Many students are interested in the pool part of the project, and he adds that it will be “the only indoor pool in all of De Pere,” so make sure you swim in it at least once while you are a student! Lastly, Mr. Bald noted that the Health and Medical as well as the Counseling & Psychological Services centers will be moved to the second floor of the Mulva Family Fitness & Sports Center. So, keep this update in mind when you are going to get your flu shot in the Fall!


As far as timeline updates are concerned, Mr. Bald would like to assure everyone that construction is “moving right on course,” adding that all equipment for the building has already been ordered. Although he could not provide an exact date for when students will be able to utilize the highly anticipated facility, Mr. Bald mentioned the opportunity for senior athletes to receive a “sneak peek” into the building before its completion. Since these particular students will be unable to utilize the wonderful features during their time at SNC due to their graduation, Mr. Bald, in coordination with President Kunkel, would like to provide them with the chance to see and appreciate what will be available to the future athletes of SNC.


With an undertaking as large as this, there are sure to be bumps in the road at some point. When asked about what difficulties he faced in any part of the process leading up to the new facility, Mr. Bald was not afraid to say there are “daily challenges” and a “multitude of things that need to be taken care of.” Luckily, he is completely invested in the project and relies on the help of multiple groups of people working on the project: facilities, IT, the construction crew, and many more. Mr. Bald put it quite elegantly when he said that this project has been, and continues to be, “[a] delicate dance requiring plenty of coordination to complete.” It has been, and undoubtedly will continue to be, a difficult project, but the return on everyone’s investment will be extraordinary.


Once the building has been completed, the St. Norbert College community will be accepting a brand new member: an Aquatics Director, serving as the head of all operations dealing with the upcoming SNC Swimming Teams. Although a candidate has yet to be selected, Mr. Bald assures that “[he hires] good, quality, independent people that can coach, recruit, and are good people.” So, we can expect that whoever joins our tight-knit family in the next few months will be a splendid fit for us all! Along with this official position, Mr. Bald mentioned that there will be a need for lifeguards to supervise the pool at all times of operation, so students that are trained and qualified to perform these services should keep their eyes open for positions available for application soon!


Mr. Bald says that what students can look forward to most about the new building is “moving into a facility with a size, view, environment, and scope that is truly going to be fabulous.” On a personal note, Mr. Bald is looking forward to the project being done, in part so that he can relax, but primarily because “it will provide a wealth of new opportunities to the students.” Tim Bald is a Director of Athletics that is clearly focused on the satisfaction and growth of the students here at SNC, displayed by his determination to open the Mulva Family Fitness & Sports Center some time in May or June. Stay tuned for the introduction of this wonderful new facility!

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