Under the Armor: Elisha Jaeke

The work accomplished by Honors Program staff both reflects and contributes to the excellence of the ever-growing Honors Program at SNC, and it is important that we introduce the great people who make it happen!

Meet Elisha Jaeke, a first-year student who has joined the Honors Office team as the Honors Research Fellow for a two-year term! Elisha is a Biology and Spanish double major, with the intention to attend medical school after graduation. In her position with the Honors Office, she is responsible for managing social media (primarily the Honors Instagram account), collecting data about Honors alumni, writing for the Honors Pulse, and completing miscellaneous duties for Honors Program Office Coordinator Stacey Wanta.

Elisha joined the SNC Honors Program knowing as a high school senior that she wanted to be challenged academically. However, looking back on her first semester at college she has found that life in Bergstrom has proven to be one of the most influential parts of the Honors experience, saying “I could not have chosen a better way to surround myself with dedicated and like-minded individuals. The people of the St. Norbert College Honors Program care so much about bettering themselves and the world, and in my opinion, there are very few environments as special as this one.”

This Honors staff member joins us from Hartford Union High School, where--despite her interest in medical science--she honed her skill and passion for music. “Music has always been a huge part of my life,” she says, noting the tremendous amount of time she dedicated to her high school choral music program. Throughout high school she was widely recognized for her involvement, which includes taking 17 choral events to the state-level competition, receiving the prestigious HUHS Ruth A. Knoll Award, a Tommy Award for Outstanding Lead Performer as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, and a Tommy Spirit Award for her role as a dance captain. Elisha’s extensive music-theater resume enabled her to earn the Herb Kohl Excellence award, for which she had the distinct honor to meet former Senator Herb Kohl at a scholarship luncheon. She was also selected as a Delegate to Badger Girls State the summer of her junior year (where she happened to meet other future first-year Honors staff member and Bergstrom resident Alexa Paleka)!

Through her continued involvement at SNC, Elisha has been able to explore her many passions outside of her major. While she is in healthcare-related activities (Pre-Health Club and the Children’s Medical to Memphis TRIPS program), she is also a member of Chamber Singers, Art Transcends Borders, Pen Pals, and is the President of the Bergstrom Hall Community Council of the Residence Hall Association (RHA). St. Norbert College, especially the Honors Program, offers a multitude of experiences for diverse students with varying interests and future career paths that may fall outside of their discipline. For this future medical student, the Honors Research Fellowship has allowed her the chance to explore interests that lie outside of her area of study: “Although my majors may not suggest it, I have always had a huge interest in communications and social media. Serving as the Honors Fellow allows me to cultivate those skills. Being selected as the Honors Fellow has been an incredible experience thus far.”

The Honors Program welcomes Elisha to her position as the Honors Research Fellow, and thanks her for the diversity she--like many of our students--brings to the program!

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