What is Phi Kappa Phi?

March 24, 2017

If you’re an underclassmen you’ve probably heard about it…

 You know you should strive to be a part of it…

You know your friends and role models are members of it…


But, what exactly is Phi Kappa Phi? Phi Kappa Phi is the oldest and most selective collegiate honor society for all academic disciplines. Membership in PKP marks a student’s excellence as recognized by not only their college campus, but graduate school admissions committees and employers. Its purpose is to create a community of high-achieving students by celebrating academic work of extraordinary quality, exemplary leadership, and research that advances human knowledge. Overall, Phi Kappa Phi serves as a tool for students committed to academic excellence who wish to advance their secondary education in a variety of undergraduate and graduate level opportunities.


Students of junior or senior status of any discipline who promote academic excellence are invited to apply for membership. This includes juniors who rank scholastically in the top 7.5% of their class, seniors who rank in the top 10% of their class, and graduate students who rank in the upper 10% of their class. Members are expected to maintain a high GPA and a respectable manner under their association within PKP.


In return for membership, students who embrace their motto of “Let the love of learning rule humanity” are offered many benefits. One of the central purposes of PKP is to “encourage the enrichment of minds beyond secondary education, whether that be graduate school, medical school, law school, dental school.” It accomplishes this mission by offering up funding and opportunities for students--in fact, Phi Kappa Phi offers more in scholarships, fellowships, and awards than any other society! Each biennium, it awards a total of $1 million to applicants in order to support their goals of gaining experience in their fields, continuing education, and professional development. Other perks include academic recognition, career and internship resources, networking with other members, various discounts, and access to PKP publications.


The St. Norbert College chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, Chapter 327 among 342 chapters nationwide, has been in existence since 2014 and is housed within the Honors Program. Because PKP welcomes students of all disciplines and is a supporter of the NCHC, it is only logical that it belong within the Honors Program. The program also has a special connection with the Executive Director of Phi Kappa Phi, who guided and directed Honors Program Director Dr. Paul in writing SNC’s application to the honor society. Ms. Todd continues to be a supporter and good friend to Dr. Paul and Honors Program Office Coordinator Stacey Wanta, providing mentorship at the annual NCHC convention. Invited members of the SNC Phi Kappa Phi chapter are required to pay a $100 initiation fee for a 1-year chapter and national membership, with chapter membership fees for subsequent years reduced to $10 and national dues to $45; additionally, lifelong membership is available at both the chapter and national level. Benefits of SNC PKP chapter membership include eligibility to apply for study abroad scholarships twice per year (for members with a 3.75 GPA) for all SNC Honors study abroad opportunities (including study abroad, global seminars, and summer study abroad), discounts via partnerships (ie: Princeton Review, Dell, car rentals, etc.), and scholarships at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Leadership positions are also offered, including a new student Vice President each year--this year’s Vice President will even have the privilege to attend a leadership conference in July taking place in Denver, Colorado!


For more information about the St. Norbert College chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, please contact Stacey Wanta or see the My Phi Kappa Phi column in the Honors Pulse for monthly updates!

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