American Medical Student Association Comes to SNC!

April 28, 2017


The Honors Program is excited to announce that it will soon be housing  a newly-founded chapter of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) at St. Norbert College, an incredible educational and career-building opportunity for students planning to enter into the medical field! AMSA is a national organization that supports the education and professional development of pre-medical and medical students; additionally, members include residents and practicing physicians. Founded in 1950, AMSA is the nation’s oldest and largest independent association of physicians-in-training in the U.S., and has participated in activism that has brought about numerous socio-political reforms. Its mission is to advocate for quality and affordable healthcare for all, promote global health equity, enrich medicine through diversity, and foster professional integrity, development, and student well-being. Student members of the SNC AMSA chapter will be able to participate in the wonderful opportunities provided by AMSA, as well as engage in creating ideas that will improve the health of the SNC campus and local community.


Connor Gullstrand, one of the handful of honors students who has been responsible for this recent victory, looks forward to the establishment of the organization.


He says, “AMSA offers really great opportunities and resources that prepare students for a career as a physician. People engaging with AMSA learn more about the issues modern medicine is facing through participation in conferences and advocacy groups. Vital relationships may also be formed through participation in AMSA, which could potentially help an undergrad pursue their dream of getting accepted into medical school.”


Although Connor is already applying for medical schools, he felt the need to play a key role in bringing AMSA to the SNC campus: “I think that if I had access to AMSA as an undergrad I would have greatly benefited from the program. Getting accepted into medical school is extremely competitive. An applicant who has access to the opportunities AMSA has to offer grants them an advantage which may be the difference between an acceptance and a rejection letter. Having an AMSA chapter at St. Norbert will allow St. Norbert pre-medical students to have access to these valuable resources, increasing their chances of success in their aspirations.”


Connor’s contribution to implementing the AMSA chapter at SNC has involved researching the events that AMSA offers, which include several national conferences that will provide a basis of medical knowledge allowing students to delve deeper into the discovery of their future vocational career in medicine. These conferences will offer excellent opportunities including MCAT resources, mock interviews, clinical skills building stations, access to medical school admissions counselors, talks from prominent physicians, and more. Kelsey Motto--who has participated in the group’s work in researching the benefits of starting an AMSA chapter and how to lay out the constitution and bylaws of a new chapter--optimistically echoes the opportunity that AMSA will provide SNC students, saying “AMSA is also a great networking tool that I think will be incredibly helpful for pre-med students ‘to get their foot in the door’ into the medical world.”


Students looking to join AMSA should be on the lookout for the student organization’s table at next year’s involvement fair, as well as other recruitment efforts that are currently in the works. Further information about membership will be released as the structure of the SNC AMSA chapter develops. Membership is open to both Honors and non-Honors students. The SNC Honors Program thanks St. Norbert College, AMSA, and honors students Connor Gullstrand, Nathan Klesmith, Kelsey Motto, and Kaci Keleher for their cooperation and successful efforts in making SNC campus a better place for its students!

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