Honors Siblings: Meet the Holzers!

April 28, 2017

Next up on our showcase of stellar honors siblings are Davey (’17) and Amy Holzer (’20)! With Davey being a senior and Amy a first-year, these two have completely different perspectives of SNC. While Amy is just figuring things out as her first year comes to a close, Davey knows all the ins and outs of the college at this point. In fact, Davey’s knowledge has come in handy for Amy to meet new people and branch out from her comfort zone; she says “He has definitely encouraged me to get involved and try new things, and I will always be so thankful for that! It's been really cool to get to know a lot of his friends and other upperclassmen I may not otherwise have met.” Any first-year will tell you that college can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, what with all of the opportunities and organizations to explore. Thankfully, amidst all this chaos, Amy can turn to Davey to guide her before he graduates from St. Norbert this spring.


Even though Amy may not be able to help Davey in quite the same way, he too appreciates having his sister on campus for his final year. “It has been great having Amy on campus this year!” he says, continuing that, “It has been really fun to see her enjoying many of the same wonderful aspects of SNC that I have been able to enjoy in my four years here.” Perhaps Amy describes the bond between herself and her brother the best, realizing that it seems to make them both cherish their time at SNC that much more: “Watching how much Davey loves SNC has really made me appreciate all the time I spend here and reminds me not to take it for granted!”


One thing’s for sure, they most definitely are not taking their time for granted! Over the course of his four years at SNC, Davey has been involved in many extracurricular activities ranging from athletics to labs. Specifically, some of his involvements include being a member of the SNC Men's Golf Team, Zambia Project, TRIPS Program, and Chamber Singers. He balances all of this while also somehow finding time to be a biology TA and conducting cellular biology research in Dr. Feirer's lab. On the other hand, Amy has taken on her own chunk of responsibilities early on in her career here at SNC. She is following in her brother’s footsteps by also becoming a part of Zambia Project and continuing to play golf at the collegiate level. However, she is also forging her own path as a member of Pre-Health Club, a peer buddy in the Best Buddies program, and by starting to do research with Dr. Choudhury. If anyone is looking for proof that St. Norbert has endless opportunities both within and beyond the classroom, these siblings are certainly it!


The Honors Program is sad to see Davey and all of his successful peers in the Class of 2017 leave, but is glad that it got the chance to mold so many amazing students. Of course, the program is also hopeful for the accomplishments that are certain to come for Amy and the class of 2020 as well!


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