For the First-Year Foodie and Caffeine Addict: The Best Places for Coffee and a Bite

It’s hard to believe at this point in the summer, but in a few scant weeks, new and returning students will fill the St. Norbert campus to the brim again.

Everyone is sure to work up an appetite. I will reassure you that despite all the jokes your relatives have made about ramen and Easy Mac, college students eat rather well at St. Norbert.

And yet…as much as we adore our campus options, students sometimes must cast their appetites farther afield. Though I don’t recommend abandoning your meal plan, the occasional meal off campus has a host of benefits: it’s an escape the homework, a chance to cement a friendship, and an opportunity to explore De Pere. And many, many college students either know already or find out quick that caffeine is a balm to soothe the tortured soul. Caffeinate yourself at the following magnificent outlets offering espresso and nourishment!

On Main Avenue, right down the road from St. Norbert: Luna Café and Roastery Distance from Campus: 5 minutes Ah, Luna! The most distinguished destination on this list. Beloved by students and professors alike, Luna is the place to go for superior coffee and tea, delectable desserts, and appetizing edibles. Their mochas are heavenly, their bagel sandwiches superb, and their bakery case a constant temptation. Enjoy your espresso in the charming ambience: brick walls hung with the work of local artists, comfy armchairs and tables to hold your laptop and homework, the smell of coffee and freshly-baked cinnamon rolls. Its only faults are that it costs money and closes sometimes so the employees can sleep or whatever. *sigh* Appreciate the view of the pelicans and waves on your walk across the Fox to this delightful destination: Alpha Delights European Bakery and Café Distance from campus: 15 minutes Visit Alpha Delights to sample the unusual and excellent (and also affordable) in European cuisine. Not only are the cakes, tarts, cookies, and pastries beautiful enough to make you cry, they have a taste to match. The sunny interior is painted to resemble a stonework patio and veranda, such as you might visit in Greece or Italy. The menu is small but superior, and except for a few superb staples, it changes often. Espresso drinks are available, uncomplicated but well made. I crave a flaky croissant even now! Put on your walking shoes, and prepare to work up an appetite! This place isn’t quite as far from campus as Mordor is from the Shire, but I assure you, you can simply walk there: Bop’s Bistro Distance from campus: 50 minutes Last but not least, I list Bop’s Bistro. True, you have to walk for nearly an hour to reach it, but I like to think of it as a holy pilgrimage I must take to worship at the counter of caffeine. Seriously, they have great coffee. Solid sitting areas make this place a cozy option for homework on the weekends. Their menu also includes some marvelous breakfast sandwiches, salads, and more. If you order the yogurt parfait, you won’t get any of that soggy pre-made mush; you receive a concoction of layered granola and yogurt with jewel-bright berries. It’s almost too pretty to eat, except you’ve worked up an appetite on your way here. There you have it: the caffeine round-up. Take a walk, meet a friend, pack your homework and your comfortable shoes. Oh, and don’t forget your appetite!

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