Honors 101: Meet the Professors!

July 5, 2017

 At St. Norbert College, all first-year honors students begin their first semester by taking the course Honors 101. Taught by four professors from diverse backgrounds, Honors 101 offers students a variety of unique perspectives and challenges them to critically analyze both the required materials and the world in which we live. We are delighted to introduce this year’s Honors 101 professors: Dr. Reg Kim, Dr. Joel Mann, Fr. James P. Neilson, and Dr. Marcie Paul.
Prof. Reg Kim (“Reg,” “Prof. Reg,” “Prof. Kim”) is a Visiting Instructor of Theology and Religious Studies at SNC. Besides Honors 101, Dr. Kim also instructs, “Theological Foundations,” “The Christian Tradition,” and “The Historical Development of the Christian Tradition.” When asked about his biggest goal for Honors 101, Dr. Kim responded, “To get students to think critically and to write arguments effectively. These skills are the foundations of a liberal arts education and will be the key to future success in college.” Dr. Kim’s favorite meme is “They’re good dogs, Brent.”
Dr. Joel Mann (“Dr. Mann”) is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at SNC. Besides Honors 101, Dr. Mann instructs various Philosophy courses, as well as Classics focused specifically on Greek language and philosophy. When asked about his greatest tip for the incoming class of Honors students, Dr. Mann replied, “Don't worry about grades. Worry about being better than you were the day before.” Dr. Mann pronounces the word “gif” properly: “with a hard ‘g’.”
Fr. James P. Neilson (“Fr. Neilson”) is a Continuing Part-time Assistant Professor of Art at SNC. Besides Honors 101, Fr. Neilson instructs “History of Western Art,” “History of Modern Art,” “Sacred Art and Architecture,” and “Race and Gender in Contemporary Art”. A dream vacation for Fr. Neilson is to The Kerry International Dark Sky Reserve in western Ireland. “It’s a legit ‘THIN SPACE’ wherein the distance between heaven and earth collapses (at night) and in the pitch black you feel like you can literally touch the stars...it’s SUBLIME.” 
Dr. Marcie Paul (“Dr. Paul” in class) is a Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures, as well as the Director of the Honors Program. Besides Honors 101, Dr. Paul instructs Spanish courses at SNC, her favorites being “Spanish Civilization,” “Spanish Cinema,” and “Contemporary Literature (Spain and/or Latin America).” Dr. Paul already has a superpower: she can sleep anywhere at anytime. Three tips she would like to share with the incoming class: 1) work on your writing! (this is a great opportunity to get lots of feedback and really improve - take the rewrites seriously, use the Writing Center, and talk to your profs); 2) participate in class - if it's difficult for you to talk in a group, write down a few questions or notes ahead of time so you'll have something to say; 3) believe us when we're saying that we're working hard to set you up for success in all of your other courses.
All four professors are excited for the end of August when they get to welcome the incoming Honors students and begin the challenging and rewarding course that is Honors 101! 

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