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Athletes at St. Norbert College have always striven for the utmost excellence. From our past accomplishments on the field, to our incredible athletic teams and individuals in the past year, Green Knights always bring success to our school. In the Honors Program, there are multiple of these striving athletes achieving this special kind of greatness. Last year, there was a wave of incoming Honors freshman who achieved success both on and off of the field. Honors Program student athletes at St. Norbert work hard everyday to balance both academics and athletics. It is needless to say that being on an athletics team and being in the classroom at the same time is a difficult task. It requires hard work, determination, and a lot of sleepless nights. However, student athletes in the Honors Program come to strive in these conditions and provide the qualities necessary to the team and to the classroom.

Don Augustine, the Head Coach of St. Norbert’s Men’s and Women’s Cross Country teams, describes the kind of commitment these students endure every week: “For a distance runner, balancing the academics as well as running 40-80 miles per week along with lifting and spending time in the training room is quite a commitment”. However, Augustine also believes that Honors students are capable of this work rate: “I think the honors students bring those qualities of time management and commitment to excellence”. Last year’s Honors student athletes succeeded on both the field and in the classroom. When the new school year begins, the incoming wave of freshman Honors athletes will bring these same qualities and will continue the legacy of success and scholarship in the Honors Program.

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