Word on the Street: Abbey

July 5, 2017

What is your job like as the St. Norbert campus dog?

“I love, love, love being the St. Norbert campus dog; I couldn’t have been given a better place to call home! As you may know, I have lots of energy, so being able to run around outside in all of the green grass is a great activity for me. Not to mention, have you noticed how many squirrels there are running around?! I haven’t caught one yet but it’s only a matter of time before I do. Also, you’ve probably seen me around with some of my student friends, they’re the best because they never get tired of playing fetch with me. Unfortunately, I haven’t convinced any of them to take me to a tennis practice yet. Maybe that’s because my handler, Michaela, thinks that I’m too mischievous; I think that I just like to have fun. Laying in all of the flower beds, stealing slices of bread off the All Hands on Deck table, and jumping into the Ice-A-Phi pool with the students are just a few of the activities that I really enjoy. Can you blame me? With so many fun things to do around here, I just want to be a part of it all! As you know, a lot of my friends moved away after graduation, but I’m excited to get to know all of the new students who will be here in the fall…I just hope they don’t mind dog breath. Oh, and make sure they hear about my office hours, they’re a great way to meet me and the schedule will be posted on my Facebook page. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my job here at St. Norbert. My only request would be for the faculty to allow me to eat in our nationally ranked cafeteria, I’m sure the chefs and I would really get along!”


Translation assistance courtesy of Michaela Sumnicht

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