Welcome to Campus from a Bergstrom RA

Dear Incoming Honors Students of St. Norbert College,

As I sit here writing from my room in the second floor of Gertrude S. Bergstrom Hall, I cannot help but notice that there is something different about St. Norbert College during this time of the year. The sidewalks seem deserted, except for the occasional football player or two, and the overall hustle and bustle of this campus is nowhere to be seen. The buildings, Bergstrom Hall especially, are quiet and mostly uninhabited. For me, this kind of experience is strange. I have never seen the square hallways of Bergstrom this dim and reserved. I have never encountered the lounges and kitchen to be dark and seemingly put away. The rooms are all locked and unoccupied, the laundry room is unused, and the bathrooms are clean but gloomy.

To the common observer this dorm may look lifeless, bleak, and dismal. They may think that this campus is quiet and unenergetic. However, to me, I see these empty sidewalks and rooms as hope. Hope that these now deserted places will be filled with you, the student that will make St. Norbert College great. The campus is yearning and awaiting the arrival of the brilliant student and person that you are, one that will have an impact on this campus in big and small ways. Without you, the student, this campus is empty and desolate. But, once you step foot on this campus, with all that you packed in your hands, this campus becomes alive once again! Once you get that first room key in your hand and unlock the door, the room is filled with eventual laughter, studying, and moments that you will remember forever. The sidewalks will be given a purpose again with people going to class, to the cafeteria, and to work.

All these sidewalks, rooms, and hallways will be occupied by you in just a few days and I can tell you that the campus cannot wait for your arrival. You will be the life that makes this campus great and the brilliance that makes this college excellent. St. Norbert College is eager for you to start the next chapter in its history. From the bottom of my heart, welcome to St. Norbert College.


Graeme Gallagher Second Floor Bergstrom RA

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