Honors Siblings: Caden and Carter Krause

Along with a new school year comes a brand new batch of Honors siblings, and The Pulse can’t wait to feature them all. In this issue, we invite you to get to know Caden and Carter Krause (’20). These twins became a part of the Honors Program back in 2016, and are now beginning their sophomore year on campus. Unlike some of the other siblings we have featured, who were able to seek out an older brother or sister for advice, these two have had to learn the ropes of St. Norbert College side by side.

That being said, Caden and Carter tackled the challenge head on, often turning to one another for a fresh perspective as they became acclimated to college life. In reflecting on his time here at St. Norbert, Caden accredits his brother for helping him establish connections on campus; “I found that it is easier to develop a vast friend group from a wide variety of people when you have a twin brother in a different major. The friends I have introduced Carter to he has become good friends with and vice versa.” Carter, too, believes that the stark contrast between his and his brother’s majors has allowed them to really branch out. Whereas Caden is an Accounting major on a CPA track, Carter lies on the other end of the spectrum as a History and Education major with a minor in Psychology. “[B]y having vastly different majors, we both have a different perspective on classes at SNC,” Carter says. Even without an older sibling to look up to, these brothers have been able to confide in one another to make their experience at SNC as enjoyable as possible.

Outside of academics, Caden and Carter have also found the time to become involved with some student organizations on campus, even with being commuters! Caden is currently involved with the Navigate program, and is excited to pursue other organizations on campus as well. Carter, on the other hand, takes part in Accounting Club and Habitat for Humanity. While these two appear to have very separate academic and extra curricular schedules, it’s clear that they still make time to spend with one another. In fact, both are thrilled to be able to share the experience of college with one another. In Carter’s words, he describes having his brother on campus as a “positive impact,” continuing on to say “It is great to be able to have someone that I can talk to and hang out with during the school days. […] I truly enjoy having Caden on campus and I wouldn't have it any other way!”

Welcome back to SNC Caden and Carter! We hope that your sophomore year is filled with just as much fun, excitement, and success as the first.

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