Meet the Honors Council

October 10, 2017

As you may or may not know, the Honors Program elects members of each academic class to comprise an Honors Council from year to year. You probably recall voting for these positions back in Spring of last year, or in the case of the first-years, only a few short weeks ago. With the addition of a first-year representative, the positions are now all filled! 

Is there a specific professor you’d like to see participate in Life Raft? Got an idea for an Honors event to be put on this year? These students are all ears! It’s their job to listen to you, and make your experience in the Honors Program the best that it can be. Get to know their names and faces so that you can help them to fulfill your wishes for the program as they take on the year as a team!

First up is our president, Radek Buss. Radek is a member of the junior class who is majoring in Biology with a minor in Economics. When asked why he wanted to be a part of the Honors Council, he responded, “I wanted to be a part of the council to get more involved with the Honors Program and help implement new ideas and reconnect students within the program. I hope to find new ideas that will be helpful and entertaining for the students of the Honors Program [and] my goal is to get students more involved with the program in order to develop connections and learn from students in their field.” 




Assisting Radek as vice president is none other than his own brother, Roman Buss. Roman is also a junior and is majoring in Economics with a minor in Political Science.  He personally felt compelled to join the Honors Council because of his “belief that the Honors Program can do great things.”  He also has goals to increase the connections in the Honors Program, and continued by saying that, “[l]ast year, the council organized some successful events and helped to connect honors students of different classes. I hope to organize events that are going to attract more students from the Honors Program to participate, learn something new, and

connect with others.”



Next up is Mark Nichols, who will be the treasurer of the council. Marc is a sophomore this year majoring in Math. He loves that the Honors Program has allowed him to meet “other nerds like [him]” and hopes to help other students do the same during his time on the council. Additionally, he strongly values “the amount of support I receive from professors, staff, and the other students [of the Honors Program] regardless of my questions” and wants to be a part of upholding that image.




Another sophomore, Alyssa Higley, will be the council’s secretary. Alyssa is a Psychology and Communications major with a minor in Spanish. She was initially drawn to the Honors Program because of “the opportunities it offer[s], from unique honors classes to traveling

abroad!” Additionally, she values “the sense of community found within [the program]” and wants to highlight the connections formed within it, which she sees as a huge advantage!


Moving now to the class representatives, we have Kaci Keleher. Kaci is the senior rep. and is majoring in Biology with a biomedical concentration. When asked what she finds most valuable about the Honors Program, Kaci responded, “I love all of the opportunities that I have been able to take advantage of because of the Honors Program, such as starting our new AMSA Chapter on campus and traveling to Spain for a Global Seminar. In addition, I have been able to form connections with many people through the Honors Program, both on and off campus.” These are the types of things that she’s looking to continue as a member of the Honors Council.



For the junior class, there will actually be two representatives. Hanna Reinke will be the rep. for first semester, and will be replaced by Graceanne Tarsa when she goes abroad in the spring.

Hanna is a double major in English and Political Science with a minor in Spanish, whereas Graceanne is an Organismal Biology and Math double major with a Chemistry minor. Both really cherish the friendships that they’ve been able to form as a part of the Honors Program. Graceanne finds the advice of upperclassmen to be especially valuable and Hanna hopes to have “all of the classes come together as part of the Honors Program this year” while on the Council.


 Nicholas Surprise will be the Honors Council’s sophomore representative. This Biology major with a Biomedical Concentration as well as minors in Music and Chemistry can’t wait “to be involved in the Honors Program in a greater way” this year. In terms of moving forward, Nick says, “I think our biggest goals should be programming at every level. We've had very successful programming in the past among our upperclassmen with the beer tour, however, our programming with the underclassmen has been a little underwhelming. I think our goal should be to provide stellar programming for both levels.”


 As mentioned above, the Honors Council has also recently added Savi Chahal as its first-year representative. The rest of the council looks forward to working with Savi, and hearing his perspective as a member of the Honors Program that is still relatively new to St. Norbert College. Now that the council is finally complete, these students are already hard at work planning some exciting upcoming honors events. Check back in with the Pulse in the future to see what they have in store!

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