Honors Athlete Spotlight: Jacob Dickman

November 7, 2017

As the cross country season starts to wrap up this month, I luckily had the opportunity to sit down with Sophomore cross country runner Jacob Dickman.  Jacob is from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin and is a biology major with a biomedical concentration. 


The pairing of student-athlete and honors student leads Jacob to have a very busy schedule.  With practices everyday, with some starting at 6:00 a.m., demanding classes, and a social life, Jacob uses consistency to stay on top of it all.  


“I structure what I have to do during my day and get those out of the way,” said Jacob, “And after, I lock myself away and get to work.” 


Jacob’s favorite place to do this is in GMS, where there are classrooms that eliminate distractions for him and allow him to get the most work done.  Another technique that he uses are the sticky notes app on his computer.  These appear on his screen, keep him on task, and lets him know what he still has to do. 


This kind of consistent athletic, class, and homework schedule, is essential for Jacob to stay on top of his studies.  Also, by being a Sophomore, Jacob has become a resource for Freshmen runners on the team.  Jacob knows just how draining the season may be and gives many tips to the new athletes, especially on academics. 


“Get your work done first, and then have fun,” said Jacob, “Know yourself and allow time to do the things that are harder for you.” 


Jacob’s work ethic and consistency stem for his time of being home schooled.  Similarly to college life, Jacob had free time while being home-schooled, but constantly used it to work on schooling.  


“Working constantly is familiar to me,” said Jacob, “You can’t just go with the flow, you have to work on it.” 


Jacob worked hard to develop his own curriculum at home and to enroll in programs and courses that would be necessary for colleges.  Jacob took courses at a local community college, regular core courses, and even dabbled in some Latin. 

This hard work and heavy workload at home has helped Jacob to be the student that he is today.  Similarly to running, Jacob hopes to pace himself on his work and continue his hard work in the classroom. 


In terms of actual running, Jacob will be looking to be an all-conference runner by placing in the top-20 at the conference meet coming up this month.  

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