Honors Course Preview: HONR 301 Preparing for Life After SNC

November 7, 2017


As advisement and registration season approaches, it is important for honors students to be aware of the special course options the St. Norbert College Honors Program offers them. In addition to the Core Curriculum, Honors students must also fulfill honors course requirements to be recognized as a graduate of the program. Many honors students are currently seeking courses that will both fulfill their college course requirements and prepare them for their professional lives beyond graduation. With the high aspirations of these students in mind, the Honors Program offers the ideal class for students looking toward  the future: HONR 301 Preparing for Life After SNC.

HONR 301 Preparing for Life After SNC is a course designed to encourage students to reflect on their personal and professional goals, as well as to instruct them in the steps they must take and skills they must master if they are to successfully transition from college to graduate or professional school. Available only to honors students of sophomore or higher standing, HONR 301 is a two-credit class, lasting 8-9 weeks rather than the traditional 15 weeks, offered in the spring semester. The course is pass/fail, with students completing written assignments and readings on topics including: the personal statement, exam preparation (GRE, LSAT, MCAT, DAT), identifying and choosing schools and programs, requesting recommendation letters, applying for graduate and professional schools, interview skills, and financing graduate and professional school. Several guest lectures will be given on these topics throughout the semester. The course also addresses the possibility of life not going as planned. For instance, a student must be prepared should they decide to postpone schooling, choose to pursue a different career, or not be accepted to a program. Discussions may focus on building resilience, recognizing alternative strengths, and dealing with ambiguity and change. 

Students enrolled in this course will benefit on a personal and professional level. Typically, those who complete the class experience better preparation and knowledge for courses they will need to take, co-curricular activities that will enhance their resume, taking exams, etc. Students also have access to an instructor from the college who will serve as a resource and guide as they put together their research, professional materials, and post-graduation plans. As a result of taking this course, students are directed into their desired and appropriate fields early in their college careers. This year’s instructor and Honors Program Director, Dr. Marcie Paul, says, “I think it’s a great chance to get insights and advice from a variety of people, including professors, professionals, and older honors students.” She emphasizes that students should expect to spend time writing and polishing an excellent personal statement, a challenging task that is essential to master for a variety of post-graduation opportunities.

Students of sophomore standing or higher considering registering for this course in the upcoming semester can contact the instructor and Honors Program adviser, Dr. Marcie Paul at marcie.paul@snc.edu for more information. 

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