Honors Siblings: The Chahals

November 7, 2017

The Honors Program is happy to see so many new students join their older siblings for college here at SNC! Just this year, Mehak Chahal (’19) was united with younger brother Savi (’21) as he began his collegiate journey. Even though they’ve only been together on campus for a few short months, they’ve already been able to feel the positive effects that come with having a sibling on campus. Specifically, Mehak described how having Savi here has once again sparked his passion for SNC: “I have really enjoyed having my little brother on campus. It was really fun seeing all his energy and excitement about going to St. Norbert. It really reignited my own happiness for being here that [I} take for granted after two years.” Now a junior, Mehak does not get to participate in the fun that a first-year may experience, but having his brother here has really helped to change that. Savi, too, has been able to benefit from having his brother around. Especially when it comes to classes, Savi is grateful for all of the advice Mehak can give: “Having my older brother [around] is like having a second adviser/mentor. He has been helping me get through my courses by giving me great tips as well as someone to always go to for information about anything on campus.” Clearly, both Chahals couldn’t be happier to have each other as they navigate their way through college. 

That being said, both Mehak and Savi spend a lot of time apart from one another when participating in various organizations around campus. Mehak has quite an impressive extracurricular schedule and is involved in Student Government Organization (SGA), SAFAC, Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE), research with Dr. Bailey, volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club, and is an SNC tour guide. With all that Mehak does around campus, it’s not surprising that Savi has followed along in his footsteps. While Savi participates in SGA as well, he also plans to join Pre-Med club, Biology club, Adventure club, Dance Marathon, and many more. After participating in intramural sand volleyball, he is also very excited to do the same with dodgeball, basketball, and soccer.

It seems that there is a bright future ahead of both of these young biology majors as they look to pursue careers in the medical field. With all the time that they spend studying, it’s good to know that they have each other to help blow off some steam. In fact, Mehak puts it best when he says, “I think the best part of having [Savi] around is that I always have someone to go to Taco Bell with me at 12:30 a.m.” We could all use a late night food run buddy every once in awhile, and the Honors Program is happy to see two brothers coming together, even if just for a taco, to make the most of their experience at SNC. 



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