Michels Hall: Living and Learning

November 28, 2017

What is Michels Hall?
Michels Hall is a three story residence hall that houses up to 118 second, third, and fourth year students. There are 14 suite-style rooms available to groups of up to eight students. Like Bergstrom Hall, Michels Hall is also a co-educational residence hall. In keeping with St. Norbert College’s emphasis on creating living-learning communities, the Michels Hall Service Program (along with the Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning) allows students to live together while completing a full academic year of service with a community organization. The Michels Hall Service Program has worked with the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay, Norby’s Buddies, Aldo Leopold Community School, Freedom House Ministries, and the Greater Green Bay YMCA, among other community partners in Brown County. During the application process, students are interviewed by both housing representatives and community program representatives to find the best match for both the students and the community partners. In addition to completing 30 hours of service throughout the year, students also attend social justice workshops where they are introduced to contemporary issues and are able to gain a new perspective on service, community, and inequality.


For more information on Dale and Ruth Michels Hall, the Michels Hall Service Program, and how to apply click here.
To inquire about seeing a suite, contact Leah Hennick, she and her suitemates will gladly open their suite for you.


A Personal Experience
As first semester comes to a close I can honestly say that living in Michels Hall has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only do I live in the same suite as six (we only have seven people in our suite) of my best friends but since many honors students choose to live in Michels Hall their sophomore year, I know I have a solid support system close by as well. However, for those students who want to expand their dorm life beyond the Honors Program, there are plenty of opportunities to get to know people outside of the program in the dorm as well and the amount of interaction an individual has with other honors students is entirely up to them. The rooms in Michels Hall are larger than those in Bergstrom Hall and at times it feels as though I can fit twice as much into my bedroom as I could last year. Even if you wait until the final few weeks of first semester to decorate as we did, the suites in Michels Hall are immediately much more similar to what one would think of as an apartment rather than a stereotypical dorm. I also cannot stress enough how wonderful it is to have a parking lot right outside our dorm building and a heating and cooling system in our suite.

For our service project, my suitemates and I were assigned to volunteer at Aldo Leopold Community School in Green Bay. Aldo is a kindergarten through eighth grade choice school with over 600 students and a unique approach to education. Individualized learning and community service are emphasized at Aldo and students often take the initiative to address their own learning needs and desires with their instructors. I have been going to Aldo for two hours every week this semester and I absolutely love it. During the interview and application process I knew I was most interested in the service programs involving children and education. At Aldo I work in a 5th grade classroom assisting the students with reading, writing, and math as well as performing any other tasks the teacher may need me to do. By far my favorite part of the day is recess, when I get to know the students better as individuals. I had a good amount of experience working with children before my service at Aldo but I feel that the connections I have made with my students have truly helped me grow as a person. I have gotten a different perspective on working with children from difficult circumstances or with certain learning challenges that I have not been exposed to before. The Michels Hall Service Program truly allows students to step outside of the world they are familiar with and develop as individuals while serving the community.

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