Honors Impact On and Off The Court: An Interview with Corey Ciesielczyk

December 5, 2017



     Corey Ciesielczyk is the Director of Academic Support Services and also the Assistant Coach for Men’s Basketball.  Corey has been working at St. Norbert for five years and has been involved in athletics for seven years.  Before coming to St. Norbert, he was a Special-Ed teacher and Varsity Basketball Coach for Menasha High School in Wisconsin. 

    As the Director of Academic Support Services, Corey facilitates tutoring services for all students, helps students with disabilities, and works with those on academic probation.  In total, Corey employs over 100 tutors in all fields of study.  In all of this, Corey sees a lot of honors involvement and activity.  A lot of honors students find themselves opportunities to tutor and to get help themselves.

    “Many honors students are tutors and serve various roles, and are there for various reasons,” said Corey. 

      Academic Support has become a staple and major help to all honors students.  Their services provides jobs, while also providing assistance to every student that walks through their doors. 

    Corey is also involved with honors students through athletics.  As a basketball coach for seven years, Corey has seen many honors student athletes pass through the team and has nothing but good things to say about them. 

    “We don’t have to worry about them on grades, they are smart on the court, and have good work ethics,” said Corey, “They find more time in the gym and understand their leadership qualities.” 

    Corey highlighted this leadership as one of the most influential qualities of honors athletes.  These athletes push the team to be better academically and serve as a model to their teammates. “They spend more time on homework. Teammates look up to them academically, and honors athletes help them organize their work,” said Corey. 

   This year, the basketball team has one honors athlete in first-year student, Nolan Beirne.  The team started their season last month and are looking forward to a great season!

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