Gerty's Great Debate: Cookies v. Cupcakes

February 19, 2018


For much of my adult life, I, Gertrude Bergstrom, have roamed the world in search of adventure. I answered your quirky queries while including details of my interesting expeditions, but oftentimes my lack of carrier pigeons or wifi left me without a method of reaching out to you! Now that I’ve located a place of permanent residence (in a location that will remain undisclosed) to settle down, I want to learn more about YOU! My life has been an interesting one, but your lives are all interesting for different reasons.
    The first question I’d like to propose to you folks is one that will tug at your sweet tooth: which do you prefer, cookies or cupcakes? Between my great aunt Sally’s sugar cookies and my mother Martha’s macadamia nut cookies, I don’t think I could vote for cupcakes… and yet, my friend Rose makes red velvet cupcakes that are incredible! The choice is just too tantalizing for one woman to answer on her own, and that’s where you come in!
    Consider this a challenge of sorts; a debate, if you will. Let the Honors students of St. Norbert College themselves decide which snack reigns supreme! In return for your help settling the internal conflict within me, I will contact Stacey Wanta with my findings. If I can convince her correctly (and I certainly can), then I’d wager she’ll feature the winning snack in your upcoming Honors Snack and Chat! That’s right, YOUR vote influences what YOU get to eat!!! I’ve been alive long enough to learn the quickest way to a college kid’s heart is with some food.
    This Snack and Chat is being held Tuesday, April 3rd at 7:00 PM in Bergstrom Hall, so I’ll need your opinions to be set in stone by Friday, March 9th. That should give Stacey more than enough time to personally bake the necessary treats and apply those medieval decorating techniques I showed her way back when! If you’d like to participate in this Great Debate I’m conducting (and you should) click on this cute little link: Go vote! Let your stomach guide your heart and your mind.

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