The Writing Center

One of the most challenging adjustments to make in college is the change in what is considered acceptable writing. Gone are the days of the power paragraph and simple sentence. In their place are terms and phrases like dangling participles and active voice. However, among the many resources St. Norbert College provides its students is the Writing Center. Located on the third floor of the Mulva Library, the Writing Center offers a range of services to students. Consultants will look over literary analysis papers, research essays, lab reports, personal statements, and everything in between. All services are provided at no cost to the student and the content of appointments are kept confidential among the Writing Center, student, and their professor.

What Exactly Does the Writing Center Do? With a title like, the Writing Center, one would imagine it should be obvious what consultants do. However, some may wonder what kind of writing the Writing Center actually handles. Well, that turns out to be a rather extensive list; it may be simpler to list what the Writing Center does not do:

  • Resumes – these should be directed to the Office of Career and Professional Development

  • Sources – questions about selecting sources are most effectively answered by the Research Center in the Library

What Happens in the Writing Center? Current St. Norbert College students, trained as consultants, are available to help clients improve their writing. Students typically come in with a printed copy of their work and the original assignment or prompt. During an appointment, a consultant reads through the paper with the student and makes suggestions to strengthen their work. Consultants are trained to be respectful and open to the student at all times while providing constructive advice and offering useful critiques. At the conclusion of the session, the consultant fills out a client report form that is sent to the student and their professor. This report contains a brief overview of what was discussed during the appointment and lets the professor know the student was proactive in improving their work.

Who’s Reading My Paper? Some students are wary about utilizing the Writing Center because they are not comfortable with their peers seeing their work. Rest assured, consultants are not only trained to be objective and respectful resources but they must keep all details about sessions confidential. Students who feel more comfortable having their work read by someone in a similar content area can find more information about consultants on the Meet the Staff page of the Writing Center website. Here students can find consultants’ class standing, majors and minors, and brief personal statements about their own writing.

Making Appointments To make an appointment with the Writing Center, students can go online to, login, and simply select a blank time slot (shown as white boxes) with the consultant of their choosing. The Writing Center also offers the option of a walk-in session providing there are available consultants at the time of the student’s arrival. The St. Norbert College Writing Center is open to students six days a week. Their hours can be found here.

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