Honors Siblings: The Alberts Sisters

Olivia and Emma Alberts are sisters from Sister Bay, WI who are both members of the St. Norbert College Honors Program. Olivia, currently a freshman, and Emma, a junior, both share the same major: computer science. They love SNC, the Honors Program, and the unique experience of being on the same campus together.

So what drew Olivia and Emma to SNC, and more specifically, the Honors Program? Both of them say they wanted a smaller school like St. Norbert that offers a tight-knit community. Emma says “the allure of SNC brought me in” and she has always felt “at home” on campus. Olivia and Emma also both say they were drawn to the SNC Honors Program because they wanted to be a part of a group of like-minded students who share in the common desire to challenge themselves academically. Emma also hopes that her membership in the Honors Program will aid her in preparation for her eventual pursuit of a graduate degree.

The Alberts sisters both speak very fondly of the Honors Program and share some of the many great memories they have experienced. Olivia, who is in her second semester with the Honors Program, says her favorite memory so far has definitely been Honors 101 with Dr. Paul. Emma, now a junior and seasoned veteran of the Honors Program, reflects back on her freshman year and says her favorite memories come from living in Bergstrom Hall, where all first-year Honors students live. She especially remembers checking above the ceiling tiles in her dorm room to find one of the infamous Bergstrom “ceiling surprises,” a tradition where the previous residents of the room leave a gift for the following year. For any Class of 2022 Honors students, don’t forget to check your ceiling when you move in next fall!

So what is it like having a sibling on the same college campus? Olivia and Emma both happily share that they have a very close relationship and that they love seeing seeing each other around campus. Emma says, “it’s nice to see a familiar face, especially if you’re having a tough day.” Emma currently lives in SNC housing off campus, so she doesn’t see Olivia as much, but when the two do see each other, often in the computer science area of the Gehl-Mulva Science Center, they usually greet each other with a chest bump. Olivia and Emma enjoy carpooling, going kayaking together in the summer, getting Chinese food, listening to “throwback jams,” and playing with their dog, Luna, and cat, Patches.

The Alberts sisters represent an even closer relationship within the already tight-knit community of the Honors Program and St. Norbert College as a whole. Olivia and Emma are both excited to continue their own adventures as well as their time together in the St. Norbert College Honors Program.

Fun Facts:

  • Olivia’s favorite band is Guns N’ Roses

  • Emma is a member of the Theta Phi Alpha Sorority at SNC

  • Olivia is pursuing a math minor and Spanish certificate in addition to her computer science major

  • The Alberts sisters have two older brothers

  • Olivia and Emma’s hometown of Sister Bay, WI is located about an hour and a half away from the SNC campus

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