Life Raft 2018

March 19, 2018

 St. Norbert’s Honors Student Council is preparing for their seventh annual Life Raft event, featuring participants Fr. Andrew Ciferni (Center for Norbertine Studies), Dr. Jon Russel (Chemistry), Dr. Marcie Paul (Spanish), and Judge Marc Hammer, and last year’s winner, Dr. Feirer (Biology). Like every year, this event sets the stage for hypothetical disaster in which SNC Honors students are the only ones to survive. With all the necessary provisions, they get ready to evacuate the area, but there is only room for one more person on the raft. Each participant must defend their discipline, and explain why it is essential for the new society that must be created.
However, the participants must face Dr. Feirer, playing the role of the Devil’s Advocate. While each hopeful participant argues why they should be the one saved from the point of view of their area of study, the Devil’s Advocate will argue that none of the participants are necessary. The audience will be the judges and will determine who, if any, deserves a spot on the raft.
The event is open to all honors students, and will take place on Monday, March 26 at 7 p.m. in the Fort Howard Theater. This light-hearted competition has been one of the most popular, well attended events hosted by the Honors Council, and it is expected to be equally well attended this year. And, upon completion of the event, another individual will join the previous winners: Dr. Russ Feirer(Bio), Fr. Jim Neilson (Art), Dr. Marc Schaffer (Econ), Dr. Becky McKean (Geology), and Dr. Dave Hunnicutt (Bio).



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