Gerty's Great Debate: Best Study Space - Spring 2018 Finals Edition

April 25, 2018

        Hello everyone! Welcome back to another wonderful addition of Gerty’s Great Debate. Due to the fact that my favorite feline friend unexpectedly contracted a case of the infamous Hawaiian Cat Flu, this month I’d like to reiterate the question that I proposed last month: between the Gehl-Mulva Science Center and the Mulva Library, which is the better study space for the honors students of St. Norbert College? It’s the battle of the Mulva spaces! I just can’t make this decision on my own… The office areas and lab rooms of GMS are perfect for planning, but the Library’s silence is so satisfying when studying. I know that each of you is especially passionate about academics, so you’re the best people to ask!

       In order to inspire you, I’d like to share one particularly passionate response that I received after the publication of last month’s article:

“In early celebration of Library Appreciation Week, I shall make my opinion 
altogether very clear: the Mulva Library is the BEST study space on campus. 
Between the edibles at Ed’s and the silent sanctuary of the Third Floor, the 
Library has all that you could ever need! Friendly staff willing to help with any of 
your questions, several different study rooms, and a multitude of other helpful 
resources are contained within the  walls of the Mulva Library! GMS might have a 
coffee vending machine, but it’s nothing like getting a sweet treat from Ed’s!!!”

What an interesting opinion this person has! I greatly appreciate the passion with which you wrote this piece for us, thank you!

      In return for your help solving the conflict within my mind, I will share the results with Stacey Wanta. If I can appeal to her better nature, then I’d bet she’ll allow the honors staff to host a study-focused event at the winning location! What does THAT mean? It means there will be a table with FREE coffee and study materials in either GMS or the Library depending on YOUR votes. That’s right, YOUR vote influences where YOU get to enjoy some study loot!!! This event would be held in the afternoon of Thursday, May 3rd at the location of your choosing. That being said, I’ll need your official opinions no later than Sunday, April 29th. That should give the honors staff more than enough time to prepare the necessary supplies for our excellent event!
If you’d like to participate in this Great Debate I’m conducting, click on this link: Go vote NOW!!!

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