Exam Stress

Everyone knows that finals is a stressful time. Whether you have tests, papers, presentations or projects, it’s crunch time. Everything else gets pushed aside as you hit the books and get ready for an assessment that could potentially make or break your semester grade.

As important as it is to take in some helpful study tips, relaxation is equally important. No one is at their best when they are operating purley on motivation, caffeine and necessity. Therefore, the Honors Pulse would like to share a few study tips along with recommendations that may help make your exam week a little less frightening and a little more manageable.

Don’t start studying the day before your test. This seems like a no brainer, but we always seem to miss this one. Every student is guilty of pulling out their textbook and hastily trying to cram before a morning test. Yes, review is great. Always look at your material the night before. But, start prepping a little early so you can do it in little chunks, rather than in one big mass that’s going to send your brain into overload.

Rewrite some of your notes. This can be insanely dull and repetitive, but there’s a reason everyone says you should do it. Writing things out will help you remember them, and doing it over and over will help insure that you don’t blank when staring down at a question you know you know the answer to.

Set some time aside for sleep. Once again, this sounds a little silly, because we would assume that everyone takes time to sleep. College students know this just isn’t true. However, you aren’t going to be your best test-taking self if you are trying to function on a few brief hours.

Have some coffee, but not too much. The vast majority of people depend on caffeine to get through the day. However, don’t over do it. Of course, you probably won’t be getting the ideal amount of sleep during exam week (even though you should be), so a morning coffee may be a must. But too much will make you jittery and hyper, and can make it hard to concentrate. Make some you time. This is a tricky one, because it’s hard to justify sitting down and watching some Netflix when you know you have a billion more important things to be doing. But this is important. Even if it’s just a ten minute break, take a bit of time to yourself to just breathe, relax and concentrate on something else for a little bit.

Hit up some of the pre-exam week wellness programs. Health and Wellness, along with a few other departments on campus, put on a bunch of different events to help students unwind a bit before and during exams. These events include Canines, Coffee & Career Services, water aerobics class, massage therapy and much more.

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