Gerty's Great Debate: Favorite Halloween Candy -- Starbursts VS M&Ms

October 1, 2018

Welcome one, welcome all to another grand edition of Gerty’s Great Debate!


This time around, I’ve got to get straight to the point- I’ve got the Fall fever, folks. I don’t mean that awful cold your neighbor three doors down has been spreading to every other person on your floor -- I’m talking about the elevated level of excitement you feel whenever the Fall season is within sight! Since October is just around the corner, it means there’s one holiday that I can’t stop thinking about: Halloween!!!


I love everything about Halloween- the costumes, the curfews, the Charlie Brown TV special, and even the oddly colored corn! But anyone who knows me knows there is one thing I love most about Halloween: the candy!!! That’s right folks, Gerty’s got a sweet tooth and she’s got it BAD. While all the amateurs ask for tricks or treats, I’m out here asking for Twix and sweets!


In all my years of candy collecting, I’ve noticed that there seem to be two major groups of candy connoisseurs: the chocolateers, and the fruit fanatics. I’ll eat any kind of candy that’s placed in front of me, but it seems like everyone has a particular preference when selecting between something like a Jolly Rancher or a Kit Kat. I had no idea tha


t the divide between the two fan bases was so strong until I read my monthly issue of People magazine and learned that the most popular candy for the state of Wisconsin is Starbursts! Now that I’ve read this piece of hot gossip, I MUST know if this can be verified by the same students who were raised within the walls of the hall named in my honor.


On this day, I issue a challenge to all you sugary sweet SNC students out there: utilize the link HERE and proclaim your love for chocolate or fruit candy! Enlighten me on whether I ought to be a mild-mannered M&Ms lady or a sassy Starbursts gal. If you participate in this debate of mine, I shall instruct the Honors Program’s very own Stacey Wanta to bring the winning treat to the All Honors Meeting! This year, the All Honors Meeting is being held from 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM in Bemis 114 on Monday, October 29th. That means I need YOUR responses to my Great Debate no later than October 26th. That will give me enough time to convince Stacey of our desperate need for a particular type of sweet treat!


The time to vote is NOW and everything you need to do so can be found here:


May your stomach guide you,



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