Honors Siblings: The Vandenhouten Sisters

The bonds shared by many students in the St. Norbert College Honors Program are already very close, but there are some students who share an even closer bond! This year, we have multiple pairs of siblings who have both chosen SNC and the Honors Program as their home!

This month we talked to Abby and Sarah Vandenhouten, two sisters in the Honors Program.

Abby, a senior this year at SNC, is an Elementary Education major with an Early Childhood Education Minor and a Spanish Certification. Sarah, a sophomore, is a Business Administration major with minors in Leaderships Studies and Communications Studies.

One thing that Abby and Sarah share at SNC is their involvement in Dance Marathon, a service organization on campus that raises funds and awareness for the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Sarah has become very involved with the fundraising and sponsorship committee for the organization, while Abby has also contributed to other organizations and activities around campus such as the TRIPS Program, Aspiring Educators, Oxfam, and Emerging Leaders.

So what is it like having a sibling on campus? Abby and Sarah both say they love seeing each other around campus and that it’s nice to always have someone to count on. They also see a lot of each other during the summer, where they both work at Camp Sunshine at their local YMCA. Even amidst their very busy schedules, Abby and Sarah will try to meet for lunch or dinner each week with one of their co-workers from the camp who is also an SNC student.

Many of you may be wondering how Abby and Sarah both ended up choosing SNC and the Honors Program. Abby, who says that SNC has always been a part of her life, shares the story that her dad actually attended school here and her parents were married on campus! Abby always felt “at home” whenever she would visit, and she could not imagine being anywhere else. Sarah shares many similar feelings and especially loves the community atmosphere and small class sizes that SNC offers. In terms of the Honors Program, both Abby and Sarah were swayed to apply because they believed that it would be a great opportunity to meet new people. We’re glad that they’ve found a home here at SNC and that their family has become a part of ours.

Fun Facts:

  • Abby loves the art classes she has taken at SNC, as well as the Honors Tutorial on tattoos with Fr. Neilson

  • Sarah’s favorite spot to study is room 310 in the Mulva Library

  • Abby’s favorite spot to sit on campus is by the docks

  • When it comes to desserts served on campus, Abby’s favorite is the smores bake and Sarah’s is the brownies from Dales (with the carmel on top)

  • Sarah’s favorite meal on campus is the SNC Potato Bowl

  • There is a picture of Abby sitting on the steps of Main Hall when she was only two years old!

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