Meet the Pulse Staff!

The Honors Pulse is made up of an amazing team of students giving you all the need-to-know info. about the Honors Program. We are so excited to kick-off the year with our updated site, so be sure to check it out! If you’d like to know more about The Pulse staff you’ve come to the right place, but when in doubt you can learn about us on the “about us” tab on The Honors Pulse website, too.

For her senior year here at SNC, Hanna Reinke is excited to rejoin the Pulse team, this time as the Editor-In-Chief. After spending nearly two years as a staff writer, Hanna took a brief break while studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic last spring. Now, back on campus you might find her competing on the widely successful SNC Squirrels team, helping students in the Writing Center, or trying to find time to relax with friends. As her time at SNC draws to a close, Hanna is glad that her involvement with the Honors Pulse will be a part of her making senior year the best yet!

Elisha Jaeke, a third-year from Hartford, WI, is so excited to return as a staff writer for the Honors Pulse! This is her third year working within the Honors Center, but she is new to the position of Honors Programming Coordinator and is enthusiastic to continue contributing to program events and initiatives. Elisha also serves as the college’s Newman Civic Fellow, a Class of 2020 Representative for the Student Government Association, the recruitment coordinator for the American Medical Student Association, and a Biology TA. She is also involved in the International Medicine TRIPS Program, Her Voice Rocks camp, and is working to expand campus-wide resources for first generation college students like herself. Additionally, she volunteers at the Casa ALBA Melanie Hispanic Resource Center, the Boys and Girls Club, and Camp HOPE. Elisha loves to travel, having just returned from a semester abroad in Quito, Ecuador.

Joshua Bregger is a senior at St. Norbert College originally from Waukesha, WI and pursuing a Geology major and a Philosophy minor with the dream of one day becoming a Volcanologist (that's a person who studies the fiery and explosive volcanoes, not the "live long and prosper" Vulcans of Star Trek). Joshua is involved with many different groups on campus such as Geology Club, BIG, and a club I created here on campus called Joking Hazard: An SNC Improv Comedy Club! What I love most about SNC is that everyone here is friendly. Holding doors open for people, saying "Hi" as strangers walk by, and being courteous are all great characteristics of the student body here!

Katie Hulce is a first-year honors student from Appleton, WI, pursuing a major in Business Administration and a minor in Leadership Studies. Her favorite activities/organizations in high school included DECA, National Honors Society, International Club and Badger Girls State. Katie plans to be heavily involved at St. Norbert and is so excited to be a part of The Honors Pulse team! She can most likely be spotted in the basement of Mulva library, helping herself to the cafeteria’s soft-serve ice cream, or petting dogs she sees on campus. Throughout her college experience she hopes to take advantage of study abroad opportunities, make lifelong friends, and positively impact the community.

Graeme Gallagher is currently in his second year at St. Norbert College. He is pursuing a degree in communication and media studies, with a minor in English, and a second language certification in Spanish. Many students know him as an RA in Bergstrom Hall but he is also the Sports Editor for the St. Norbert College Times, the president of Global U-Knighters, and an intern with the Green Bay Blizzard Football Team. He is a loyal Arsenal fan and can always be depended on by his fellow students. Graeme is looking forward to his remaining time at St. Norbert College.

Andrea’ Boyd is a first year student who is new to the Honors Pulse Writing Staff. Andrea’ graduated from Tri-County High School in Plainfield, Wisconsin (don’t worry, nobody knows where it is). Andrea’ is majoring in Biology through the Pre-Medicine program in pursuit of becoming a pediatric oncologist. She is so excited to be writing for the Honors Pulse and showcasing just how extraordinary the Honors Program and alumni here at Saint Norbert College are! As a first year, Andrea’ is serving as the Honors Program Research Fellow where she will be contacting alumni to broaden the connections with the Honors Program. She is also involved in Colleges Against Cancer, the American Medical Student Association, Pre-Health Club, and Emerging Leaders. If you’re ever looking for Andrea’ you will most likely spot her in the library, at Ed’s coffee shop (recommending the white chocolate mocha), or in the lounge at the dorm! She cannot wait to interact with both past and present students of the Honors Program while taking on all the opportunities this campus has to offer!

My name is Luke Johnson and I'm from Wausau, WI. I am a Psychology major and Spanish minor, and this year I am serving as one of the staff writers for the Honors Pulse. My favorite things about SNC are the wonderful professors, the Honors Program, and the "Communio" atmosphere of living and learning. On campus, I am involved in clubs such as Psychology Club and Wishmakers, and I am also a Torch Leader for the Honors Program. In my free time you can usually catch me hanging out with friends, playing video games, writing, or playing the drums!

Emilie Smith is a current third year and is incredibly excited to start out her second semester with the Honors Pulse. She is majoring in English with a minor in Spanish and is a participant in St. Norbert’s Pre-Law Certificate Program. She is aspiring to go to law school to study family law and later work within governmental systems with child advocacy and other positions of this nature. Here on campus, she works at Ed’s Café and as an intern for the Office of Communications where she edits, proofreads, writes and helps with distribution and production of on-campus internal publications. She is also involved in the sorority Kappa Beta Gamma, writes for the St. Norbert Times and is a member of the Order of Omega Honor Society and Sigma Tau Delta. This year she looks forward to further exploring the Honors program as well as aspects of campus.

My name is Janelle Knick, and I am a sophomore here at SNC. I am from Kaukauna, WI which is approximately 30 minutes South of De Pere. I am an English Major and am thinking about adding a Communication Minor. As an English Major in the Honors Program, I was excited for the chance to write for the Honors Pulse as a Staff Writer. I am involved in several different programs here at SNC, namely Knightingales — the all-female Acapella group on campus— and Knight Theatre and Theatre Program here at SNC. As it can be inferred by the extracurricular activities that I listed, I am very passionate about theatre and music. It was something that I was involved in during High School, and it is something that I wanted to continue to be involved in during my time here at SNC.

We hope you feel like you know us a little bit better now and that you enjoy the articles we publish throughout the year. If you see us around campus, don't hesitate to say "hi" and if there’s ever a suggestion or idea you have for an article that you want to see on The Honors Pulse feel free to let us know!

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