Honors Siblings: Abby and Peyton Janto

Continuing the tradition of taking a look at siblings within the St. Norbert College Honors Program, this month, we spoke with Abby and Peyton Janto!

Abby, who is a junior at SNC this year, is a Biology major with a Math minor. Her younger brother Peyton, a first year, is majoring in Business Administration. Abby and Peyton have come to St. Norbert College from their hometown of West Bend, WI. While both of the Janto siblings were interested in coming to SNC because of its proximity to home, they were also drawn to the cross country and track and field teams at the college, of which they are both now members. Abby says, “At first I thought it might be weird having my brother around, but it’s actually been really fun! We see each other every time we have cross country practice or go to cross country meets, and we get the opportunity to support each other on the team.” Peyton agrees, saying that “it's nice to know that if I need advice or someone to talk to, Abby is always there for me.”

The Janto siblings also shared the many other reasons that they made St. Norbert their college of choice. Abby was particularly drawn to SNC because she wanted a smaller school where she would be able to develop good relationships with professors. Being a Biology major, she was also interested in the newly renovated Gehl-Mulva Science Center. Peyton was mainly drawn to SNC because of the cross country and track and field programs, as well as the college’s academic reputation.

Abby and Peyton also share their choice of being members of the SNC Honors Program. Abby chose the Honors Program because she knew a former honors student who told her how much he loved it, especially living in the all-honors dorm, Bergstrom Hall. Peyton says that he was reluctant to apply to the Honors Program at first, but he was encouraged by his mom and sister to apply. Now, as a member of the Honors Program, Peyton says that he has definitely enjoyed his experience so far. We are extremely happy to have both of the Janto siblings on campus, and we are thankful that their family has become a part of ours.

Fun Facts:

  • Abby believed that SNC was such a perfect fit for her that it was the only school she applied to!

  • Peyton will be playing intramural basketball this year

  • Abby is a member of the Biology Club, Math Club, and Eco Club on campus

  • Peyton’s favorite meal on campus is either grilled cheese and tomato soup or chicken tenders, and Abby’s favorite is the annual Thanksgiving dinner at the cafeteria

  • Peyton’s favorite class is Intro to Business Statistics because of his awesome professor, Dr. Laubacher

  • Experiencing “communio” in Bergstrom has been one of Abby’s fondest memories at SNC

  • Abby’s favorite class on campus so far was the Food Ethics Global Seminar, which included a trip to the Philippines with Dr. Mann and Dr. Chan

  • There was nearly a Janto sibling dynasty at St. Norbert College! Abby and Peyton have an older sister who narrowed her college choices down to SNC and University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, but she ultimately chose not to attend SNC


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