Tips for Balancing College Life

November 6, 2018


If I’m being completely honest, I have no idea how I am managing to get all my homework done, attend and participate in several clubs, prepare for my role in the upcoming play, and have a social life. Regardless of my confusion, I do it anyway. So, here I present five tips on how to help manage your life and make your time here at SNC a little easier.


1. Remember what you are at college for


I know college is supposed to be the time of your life and, honestly, it can be. But you need to remember that, in the end, you are here to learn and receive an education. It is easy to get lost in clubs, friends, or other responsibilities, but it is important to recognize that you are paying a lot of money to be here. School should come first, and if you manage your time wisely, you will have plenty of time for fun.


2. Split up any big assignment by making a timeline


When you have a big assignment coming up, do not wait to start it. Break the assignment up into parts and make a goal of completing a small part each day. By doing that, you help spread out your workload so as to make the assignment less stressful in the end. So long as you do a little bit each day, you will experience smooth sailing.


3. Manage your breaks


Yes, you should take breaks. Breaks help you destress and keep you from feeling overwhelmed. But you need to make sure that you are not taking too long for breaks because that is when you start procrastinating. Give yourself a


time limit, set a timer, do whatever you need to make sure that you are relaxing, but that your relaxation time is not impeding on your work time.


4. Create a schedule of your time and live by it


As a college student, I know that everyone likes to hang out with friends or finds themselves getting lost in their studies. It is important to make sure to dedicate your time to both school work and personal life. Create a schedule for yourself that allows you to have time for both, and then live by it. Make sure your friends know when you want to be studying so they too can help you follow your plan.


5. Above all else… take care of yourself


Yes, you are here to learn. Yes, you are here to have fun. And yes, sometimes life can get the best of you. I do not know a single professor here at SNC that would not be willing to help you out if you fell behind. Here’s the thing, you need to ask for help before you can receive it. If you cannot make a deadline, ask for an extension. If you do not understand the material, ask for clarification. If you need help for any reason, reach out. Do not force yourself to suffer because you are too prideful to ask for help.


College is a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of work. If you manage your time, you will be able to study and have free time. Being organized will make your time here at SNC less stressful, and that will help you enjoy your college experience all the more.


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