Honors Siblings: The Jaeke Sisters

December 6, 2018

Going to a smaller school like St. Norbert College and living in the Bergstrom community, you tend to meet new people and make close friendships pretty easily. However, for some honors students, they come to college with a close bond already formed. This month, we talked to two Honors Program students, Elisha and Aysiah Jaeke, who both chose SNC to further their education.


Elisha is a junior here at SNC double-majoring in Biology and Spanish. Aysiah joined the SNC community this year as a freshman, also majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. Both sisters came from the town of Hartford, WI where they grew up and went to school together.


When asked why they were drawn to St. Norbert, Elisha credits the “community feel and how, especially in the Honors Program, people seem to look out for each other.”


Although reluctant at first due to the idea of sharing another school with her sister for two years, Aysiah was drawn to campus because of the beautiful scenery and the science program that the school offers. She is also very glad she chose to come here, and we are too!


As fun and exciting as it is for two sisters to choose the same college, both were also accepted into the Honors Program as well. Elisha said she wanted to be in the Honors Program to help her focus on academics by surrounding herself with people who also cared deeply about learning. When asked why she chose the Honors Program, Aysiah claimed, “My sister had a lot of fun and met a lot of cool people and I was hoping to do the same. And I did.” Additionally, both sisters have really enjoyed the Bergstrom experience as part of the program. Elisha says the best part of the Honors Program is Program Coordinator, Stacey Wanta, along with the sense of community. Aysiah personally enjoys the community and being surrounded by those who care about academics.


Now, most of us will never have the opportunity to know what it is like to go to the same college as one of our siblings; however, for both Aysiah and Elisha, this has become an exciting reality. When asked what it is like having a sibling on campus, Elisha stated, “It is amazing. Aysiah provides and takes care of me. I really love having her here!” Although Elisha has typically watches out for and has provided as the big sister to Aysiah for most of her life, Aysiah now provides Elisha with food and coffee -- thanks unlimited meal plan!


Although in different years of school, the sisters share a biology major, so they still run into each other in the Gehl-Mulva Science building and also make memories in choir together. Aysiah  states, “At first, I was nervous because in high school teachers had compared us. Starting off in college, I often got the question ‘Are you Elisha’s sister?’ But, as the semester went on, I started having more personal connections with my professors and wasn’t compared as much as I thought.”


We are so excited that both sisters chose SNC as their home away from home!


Fun Facts:

  • Elisha’s favorite food from the cafeteria is the red rice buddha bowl and all desserts! Aysiah’s favorite is crab rangoons and the strawberry almond salad.

  • Aysiah’s favorite class is General Biology and Elisha’s was Honors Theology.

  • Elisha’s favorite study spot is the 3rd floor in the Mulva Library. Aysiah’s favorite is the 1st floor window room in the South Teaching Wing of GMS.

  • Elisha and Aysiah’s parents drove their dogs to campus for a day because they couldn’t come home for the weekend!



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