Beat the Winter Blues

March 4, 2019

SNC has been plunged into quite the winter this year, and in this weather, life may seem kind of dull. Have no fear, here are some ideas on how to beat the winter blues by staying inside!


Keep Warm/ Cozy Up

Sometimes the best way to spend cold winter days is wrapped up in a blanket enjoying a hot drink. Whether it be hot tea or cocoa, this is definitely a good way to spend your day. Personally, cozying up is one of my favorite things to do, it’s not unusual for my roommate to come into our room and see me laying on our futon wrapped in blankets like a burrito.


Popcorn & Movie Marathon

Snow day? Now you finally get a chance to watch that Netflix original movie you’ve been dying to see. Make some popcorn, grab a buddy, and spend some time engrossed in a story that doesn’t involve snow or the cold.

Spa day

Every college student gets stressed at some point, so take time for yourself and put on a face mask, take a nice hot shower, or paint your nails. Maybe even break some aromatherapy lotions and mists and lay down for a nap. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you take time to care for yourself.


Game Night w/ The Floor

My floor and I do game nights a lot. Our current favorite is the game “celebrity.” All you need is paper, pens, and your peeps. How the game works is that you write down the names of celebrities and put them into a stack. After that’s done, one partner tries to describe the celebrity until their time runs out and they have to pass the names to the next pair. It’s a really fun game but it’s only one of the endless options you can play alongside the people you live with from the comfort of your nice warm lounge.


Do Some Baking

There’s one girl on my floor who is really good at baking and cooking and we are all very thankful when she decides to make us food. If you know how to bake, not only do you get to hang out by a warm oven, but I’m sure you’ll have people flocking your way ready to gobble up your delicious treats.



Make a Reading Nook

This could be for productive reasons or not, it’s up to you. You can read a book for a class or you can choose to turn the pages of something new you’ve been looking to read. But be warned; I once did this and ended up finishing a three hundred page thriller book in a day and a half, so just make sure you come prepared with blankets and snacks.


Stay warm SNC!


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