Honors Siblings: Meet the Pamperins

March 4, 2019

As is tradition, this edition of The Honor’s Pulse features a set of siblings within the program and their experiences with not only St. Norbert and the Honors Program but the ins and outs of life on campus alongside a sibling. This month, we’re excited to focus on Maddie and Lauren Pamperin, sisters who both chose St. Norbert College as their home away from home, and found their niche in the Honors Program.

Maddie is currently a junior at SNC and is an Instrumental and General Music Education major. Lauren, on the other


hand, has taken a different path. As a first-year student, Lauren is a Computer Science major. Though the two siblings have varied interests academically, they are both incredibly involved within the campus community. “We are involved in some of the same things, which is pretty awesome,” Maddie says. Both are members of Circle K, Knight Theatre, and Wind Ensemble, while Maddie also serves as president of SNC’s chapter of NAfME (National Association for Music Education).


Though some siblings may roll their eyes and dread the idea of sharing campus life with a person they grew up with, Maddie certainly doesn’t view her sister’s presence in that way. “It’s been really cool having my sister on campus this year,” Maddie says, “I get to share memories of my prior college experiences and I enjoy getting to see [Lauren] have some of the same experiences.” Lauren describes a similar mentality but emphasizes a balance they have which makes their relationship survive the college environment. “It’s nice to have someone here that I know,” Lauren explains, “but we are involved in so many different things that I don't ever really see my sister unless we make plans to.”


Many of us do not have the opportunity to experience our siblings on campus, but these two ladies have been given the opportunity to grow with each other throughout their college years while also holding independently living away from home. Maddie herself recognizes the value in this experience. “I get to spend time with my sister and watch her grow even more as a person,” she says, “which is an amazing blessing to have.”


We are all certainly glad that they chose SNC and found a place in the community within the Honors Program!


Fun Facts:

  • Maddie’s favorite food at the caf is the tator-tat-cho bar and Lauren’s is the vegetable spring rolls and twix bars for desert.

  • Maddie’s favorite class this semester is her History of Western Art class with Fr. Neilson, and Laruen’s favorite is Software Engineering/Elemental Data Structures.

  • When it’s nice outside, Lauren likes to study down on the bench by the river, whereas Maddie’s favorite study spot is in her room.

  • The sisters do a weekly dinner on Sunday nights to catch-up and recap the week’s events.







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