Looking Back on The Addams Family Musical

March 4, 2019

Throughout the course of J-term, the student organization, Knight Theatre, puts together a musical production. The musical is prepped in three weeks without any faculty help aside from an advisor, Dr. Rosewall. This year, Knight Theatre put on “The Addams Family.”  This high energy, hilarious show marked Knight Theatre’s 25th year as an organization. Excitingly, our last performance of “The Addams Family” was attended by around 50 Knight Theatre alumni to commemorate the anniversary.


This is my fourth and final year with Knight Theatre. This year I had the honor of playing Morticia Addams and ending my Knight Theatre career with a bang. Every day, we would have rehearsal in the basement of the Hall of Fine Arts in either the drama room or the band room. We’d rehearse for four hours beginning at noon, take a dinner break, and then return at 6 p.m. for another four hours.


Although the experience can be stressful and taxing, every production with Knight Theatre, and particularly “Addams Family,” will always be remembered as some of my favorite SNC memories. Not only do the friends who become family


stick with you for years after the production, but I’ve accomplished so much networking with students both outside of and within my major. Additionally, each role that I have received in my time with Knight Theatre has given me a chance to grow as a performer and as a person.  


“Addams Family” rehearsals consisted of endless laughter that did not only stem from the content of the musical itself, but also from the people with whom I shared my time. Zac Dickhut (Gomez), Savanna Meo (Wednesday), fellow Honors program member - Nick Surprise (Lucas), Emily Tomcek (Grandma), and every other talented person in the cast, crew, and pit made this production so special for me. I can’t think of an experience that would be more fitting for the end of my senior year.


                           ~Kiera Matthews

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