Staying Afloat: This Year's Life Raft Event

March 4, 2019

At the beginning of this month, one of the SNC Honors Program’s most beloved events returned. The Annuel “Life Raft” event, this year taking place on February 6th, once again put honors students in a precarious position: a hypothetical disaster has occurred, and the surviving students must decide which faculty member will occupy the final spot on their life raft as they evacuate to safety.  


This year, SNC faculty members Dr. Eric Hagedorn, Dr. Nicholas Mauro, Dr. Bob Osgood, and Dr. Leah Toth were faced with the task of defending their academic disciplines and explaining why the SNC Honors Program students should choose to give them the last spot on the life raft.  In addition to their arguments against one another, the faculty members also faced the Devil’s Advocate, Fr. Andrew Ciferni. This posed a special challenge as Fr. Ciferni was also last year’s victor.


This year, each faculty member presented a solid argument. Dr. Eric Hagedorn spoke of the importance of philosophy as the foundation for other studies, Dr. Bob Osgood spoke of the importance of education for rebuilding society, and Dr. Leah Toth spoke of the immense power that literature holds in our lives.  Interestingly, Dr. Nicholas Mauro spoke of his technical abilities to construct devices that would undoubtedly come in handy, but then finished his argument by telling the SNC Honors students not to choose him.


Following the arguments of the professors, Fr. Andrew Ciferni presented a series of well-researched and logical counterarguments to the professors’ many claims.  To the dismay of the four SNC professors competing for the final spot on the life raft, Fr. Andrew Ciferni’s counterarguments to each professor convinced students to side with him and not choose any of the professors to occupy the final spot on the life raft.


With that being said, we look forward to next year’s Life Raft as four new SNC faculty will take on the challenge of securing the last spot on the life raft!




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