Word on the Street: Off-Campus and On-Campus Housing

April 15, 2019

Housing is a stressful time for people all across campus. Who am I living with next year? Where am I living next year? There are so many questions to answer. As our campus grows, more and more students are beginning to consider moving off campus.


Residential Education & Housing Director of Housing Operations, Mike Peckham, shared some information about what housing will look like at St. Norbert this upcoming semester, stating that there are “no planned changes to upper class housing areas for the academic year.” When asked whether or not he had any predictions about on vs. off-campus housing options, Peckham responded: “Based on housing projections, we do not plan on releasing any additional students to live off-campus for the next academic year.  The juniors who were released off-campus last year had the choice to remain off campus for next year. The majority of these students decided to stay off-campus.”


With housing lottery information out, the Pulse looked into the different housing options for upperclassmen here on campus, reviewing each available on-campus option as well as speaking to two different Honor’s students, one of whom lives on-campus and the other off. Each provides a unique and important perspective about living at St. Norbert College.




Addy Bink (Off Campus) & Hailey Barron (On Campus)


Q: Do you live on campus or off campus? If you live on campus, where do you live? If you live off campus, how far from campus are you?


Bink:  I live off campus, not too far away.


Barron: On campus in St. Joseph’s Hall.


Q: What made you want to stay on campus or move off campus?


Bink:  There is no doubt living on campus can be expensive. Living off campus is saving me a bit of money. Living off campus also gives me the opportunity to better manage working and interning off campus.


Barron: Maintaining close relationships was definitely a major factor in my decision. Staying on campus allowed me to live with some of my closest friends at SNC, something that has made my college experience so special! I also wanted to remain close to the academic halls on campus so I would not have to commute to class (especially in the winter months). Overall, I love the sense of community that living on campus provides. It is always fun knowing my friends are only a short walk away.


Q: Have you been happy with your housing choice for this past year?


Bink: I am happy with my housing choice, for sure. While commuting is not the best for everyone, I think it works out well for me.


Barron: I have been happy living in St. Joe’s this year! The location of the hall is super central to almost every building on campus, which has to be my favorite part about living there. I can get to most of my classes in under five minutes. The common areas (lounge, kitchen, laundry, etc.) have also been nice.


Q: Are you going to stick with your current housing situation for next year, or are you changing where you will be living?


Bink:  Because I will graduate in the fall semester, I decided to again commute.


Barron: While I’ve been happy where I’m at, I’m planning on changing housing next year. Since I love cooking my own food, I would like to have my own kitchen for convenience purposes. It would also be nice to have a little more room!


Q: What do you enjoy about where you currently live?


Bink: I enjoy being able to step away from campus. I believe this helps me maintain a work, intern, and school life. Again, this isn't true for everyone and it is definitely possible to do the same living on campus. But for me, I enjoy it.


Barron: The proximity to everything on campus!


Q: Is there anything you dislike about your current living situation? Do you ever wish you stayed on campus or moved off campus?


Bink: I think, even as a commuter, parking is still the worst part of my current living situation. Sure, commuters have closer lots, but they're small and can quickly fill up. It only takes a full parking lot of cars to make me late for class. This is especially true when the campus closes parking lots for conferences.


Barron: The biggest thing I dislike about my current living situation is not having my own kitchen! Sometimes I wish I lived off campus because there are some more spacious options. That being said, the convenience of living on campus has always outweighed space for me.


Q: Since you lived on campus in previous years, which living situation did you prefer and why?


Bink: I think living both on and off campus have their pros and cons. I do miss living so close to friends and other things on campus, such as meetings and classes. But commuting allows me to have my own bedroom and not share a space with a roommate or live in a residence hall.


Q: Do you have any recommendations you’d like to share for those looking into housing for next year?


Bink:  Know what you're getting yourself into! Sure, living on the third floor might be fun at first but just wait until you come back from a leg-day workout. Ouch!


Barron: Make a plan with your potential roommates early and have a few back-up options in case you don’t get your first choice! It is always good to be prepared for a variety of possible outcomes.



Upperclassman Housing Options


Paulson Carriage House

The Carriage House contains three two-person apartments and four four-person apartments, each of which features a full-size kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedrooms. Residents are not responsible for utility costs.


College Houses

Houses are all furnished with a stove, fridge, beds, desks, chairs, dressers, and a vacuum cleaner. Washers and dryers are provided in each house and are coin-operated. Residents are responsible for snow removal in campus driveways, and are responsible for some utilities. Houses are available for two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight residents. Availability varies. A list of the college houses can be found at https://www.snc.edu/housing/livingoptions/collegehouses/.


Doksany Hall

An option for female students, Doksany has 15 single rooms with carpeted bedrooms. Some rooms also have a sink. Room sizes vary. There is a communal bathroom on each floor.


Fr. Eugene E. Gries, O. Praem., Hall

A three story residential apartment building, Gries Hall houses 144 residents. Each suite holds four single bedrooms, an open kitchen/dining/living area, storage, and air conditioning. Utilities are included in this housing option.


Hugh Hall

Hugh Hall houses 32 residents in 22 single rooms, four of which share a bathroom, and five double rooms. The building has a common kitchen area and a laundry room.


Prémontré and Xanten Halls

Residential apartment facilities, Prémontré and Xanten hold 154 students total, featuring options for groups of two and groups of four. Apartments for two have a single bedroom to be shared and apartments for four have two bedrooms to be shared. These options feature a kitchen, gas fireplace, living room furnishings, and air conditioning. Laundry is found on each floor.


Roggenburg Hall

An option for male students, Roggenburg holds six single and two double bedrooms, housing a total of ten students. The building also has bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, pantry, living room, and basement. Some rooms have a ¾ bath.


St. Joseph Hall

Renovated in 2016, St. Joseph Hall houses 72 students in 36 double rooms. Each suite has its own private bathroom as well as built-in bookshelves. A hall kitchen is available for use. Utilities are included within this option, and a residential meal plan is required based on class standing.


Manion Townhouse Village

The village features 14 three bedroom townhouses which each hold six students. Each townhouse has a kitchen, living room, dining room, a full bath and a half bath, along with bedrooms. A vacuum cleaner is also provided. Students are not responsible for utility costs in this housing option.


We hope this short snapshot inside upper-class housing has helped you to learn a little bit more about the options that SNC has to offer!




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