Annie’s Guide to Your First Year at SNC

May 8, 2019



Dear Future First Year,


As your first days of freshman year come around the corner, you may think to yourself: “What am I doing with my life? How am I going to get through this? Am I allowed to bring my Keurig???” Don’t worry future freshman, I have your back. I had the same exact thoughts as I pushed my shopping cart around Bed, Bath, and Beyond, looking for twin XL size sheets and command strips. These looming thoughts clouded my head and I felt the need to reach out to the rest of my incoming class on Facebook but, of course, I was way too nervous. So, to make it easier for all you first-year students, here’s a list of my top ten tips for the start of your first year at St. Norbert College!



  1. Don’t feel pressured to immediately fit in and find your perfect friend group. Honestly, it’s trial and error. It’s totally normal to feel like an outsider during orientation week and the weeks following. You will find your group of friends soon enough, trust me! But this won’t happen on its own. Join clubs, it’s a great way to make and find friends.

  2. It’s okay to feel a bit homesick at the beginning, it happens to all of us. If you need to talk to someone, your RA is a great resource.

  3. Check what times the Caf opens/closes and memorize those times. You don’t want to miss any meals!

  4. Here’s the difference between Custom Cash and Meal Dollars: Meal Dollars is a part of your meal plan. As a first year, you will have the Platinum Plan (yay!) and you will have $425 that you can spend at places like Phil’s (in the Campus Center) and Ed’s (first floor of the library). Custom Cash is more like a rechargeable card. Custom Cash mainly comes into play when you run out of your Meal Dollars, and more importantly, at the mail center. Additionally, it is accepted at some local businesses such as Erberts and Gerberts, Gallagher’s Pizza, the De Pere Y-Mart, and the SNC Bookstore. You can add money to this on your Knightline Account!

  5. If you are looking for a job on campus, make sure that you have your social security card with you. They will need it! But also make sure to keep it safe. The top drawer of your desk in Bergstrom is lockable!

  6. And that is my segway to good ol’ Bergstrom! Pro tip: if you are thinking of lofting your beds, BEWARE! There will be many nights of hitting your head on the ceiling and kicking the ceiling by accident.

  7. Here is a list of some things you should bring that aren’t on your average packing list: box fan, air fresheners, wipes to clean off your desk, mirror, medicine (DayQuil and Tylenol), rain gear, tupperware, power strip, laundry detergent pods instead of the liquid type (so you can just pop one in instead of lugging around a 3 lb. bottle of detergent), a bowl for soup and cereal, and of course, lots and lots of snacks.

  8. DO NOT open your window while the heater is on in the dead of winter because it WILL freeze open and then you’ll have to call campus safety just to watch them hammer it closed while you’re in your pjs watching Netflix. Just don’t.

  9. If you are more of a musical person like I am, I strongly advise you to watch out for those audition dates! They come at you very fast and you won’t want to miss them. Also, if you are a girl who is joining choir, the dresses we have to wear for concerts cost money so make sure you have some extra cash on hand.

  10. I know it’s cliche but HAVE FUN! Or at least try to. College is SUPER different from high school, try not to spend your time comparing them to each other. There are going to be some things that you weren’t expecting and lots of things that are going to be hard to get through. But just know, you are not alone in this journey. There is a whole building of Bergies all in the same boat as you. You are an Honors Student, you did it. Congratulations and welcome to St. Norbert College!



Annie Yamamoto

Class of ‘22


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