Facing Finals and Saying Goodbye to Friends

May 8, 2019

As the school year comes to a swift close, emotions can rise and it’s normal to feel a little stressed. Between saying goodbye to some friends and studying for finals, this last week of school can be pretty tiresome, but there are ways to make it less gloomy.


Have Meals with your Friends

Finals or not, everyone needs to eat, which is why getting the gang together to get a meal before the school year ends is such a great idea. Being able to take a beak and chat about life for a while is a good way to spend quality time together and to step back from the anxiety of studying.


Study Together

Speaking of which, if you’re as lucky as me, you snagged at least one class with a friend. This is the perfect opportunity to spend time with each other without feeling guilty about not cracking open your books. I know it’s sometimes easy to get distracted when there’s a friend around but I find that flash cards really help that issue. Team up to do your work, and you might really have some fun. Happy studying!


Don’t Forget, This Isn’t The End

For most people, this isn’t goodbye, to the campus or to friends. You will see them again, whether it’s over the summer or when you are back at SNC in the fall. In fact, going off on your own for a while might just make you realize how strong your friendships really are.


Treat Yourself

Personally speaking, my friends and I de-stress by putting on a face mask or online shopping. Taking care of yourself should be a #1 priority, especially during this stressful time period. Also, remember to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve done this year. College isn’t an easy task and now another school year is almost behind us. Don’t skip meals or lose sleep to study, it’s better if you are well rested and energized for exams, trust me.


Seniors, Go Do Great Things

It’s your final year here, you have made so many memories over the years and please know you’ll be missed. You now have all the tools to go off into the real world and make an impact. Class of 2019, SNC will not forget you. Your dedication to the school and involvement in the community has left a mark, and we can’t wait to see what you do in the future!


Although next year won’t be the same, it will be filled with more memories and friendships in both 2019 and 2020. Enjoy your summer and we’ll see you back here in a few months for another great year at SNC!



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