First Day of Classes: Recap

September 19, 2019

       With summer now behind us, a brand new academic year has kicked off for students at St. Norbert College.  For many Honors Program students, this is their first year at St. Norbert, and they are excited to start their freshman year in Bergstrom Hall and begin the journey into college-level classes.  Today we hear from some of these students as they share how their first days of class went, as well as their thoughts about the upcoming semester!


     While many Honors Program freshmen seem to have shared some first day nervousness, they also remain confident and excited with the thought of the upcoming semester.  When asked to describe her first day experience, Grace White, a freshman Honors Program student as well as a new staff writer for the Honors Pulse, said, “My first day was probably pretty typical. I very nervously went to my classes and went through syllabi, a process that both relaxed and made me more nervous, as I realized that my professors were people, and nice people at that, and that I was going to have a lot of work to do this semester.”  Another Honors Program freshman, Anton Maslowski, said, “My first day was momentously normal-feeling, like I was settling into a rhythm already. I was bright-eyed and ready to learn. I then proceeded to be mildly disappointed when I realized and remembered that the first week is, for the most part, just the professor talking about the syllabus.”  


      The first day of class for freshmen Honors Program students this year seems to have been filled with nervousness, excitement, and, of course, plenty of introductions and syllabi.  So, with the first day out of the way, how do some of these students feel about the upcoming semester?  One freshman Bergstrom resident, Julia Johnson, said, “I think it will go really fast. It is already the beginning of the third week, and I feel like we just moved in. I'm excited to see what happens.”  Similarly, another Bergstrom resident, Jonah Koleske, said, “I’m excited to continue to learn this semester, though I’m nervous that the workload will get to be too much sometimes.”


      Julia and Jonah are both right that the semester will inevitably fly by, and that yes, the workload will seem immense at times.  Luckily, at a place like St. Norbert, and specifically as members of the SNC Honors Program, students are surrounded by their fellow classmates who are going through very similar experiences.  With that being said, we would like to wish all Honors Program freshmen, as well as all St. Norbert College students, the best of luck this academic year.  With the first day jitters out of the way, we now carry on through this semester with even more excitement to come!

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