Student-Athletes: Busy, Yet Balanced

Students at St. Norbert College are often very busy, and those who play sports have an even larger workload. To effectively manage a sometimes overwhelming schedule, student-athletes must work to balance the added responsibilities that come with participating in athletics. Many students, including Honors Program members, become successful student-athletes through hard work and dedication both on and off the field.

An important skill a student-athlete at SNC can develop is the ability to relax and take tasks one step at a time. Senior golfer Amy Holzer says, “Being a student-athlete has taught me how to clear my mind and focus on the present moment. It's hard to succeed on the course if you're worried about an upcoming exam, or to study efficiently while you're thinking about a big meet the next day.” Oftentimes, students can become overwhelmed when coursework piles up. Student-athletes must learn to take a step back; remaining level-headed to focus on homework and studying. Freshman soccer player Andrew Gaetano says, “Being a student-athlete has helped me learn to take everything one step at a time. With everything going on during a sports season, thinking about all the deadlines coming up can be overwhelming.” This strategy often takes time to master, but benefits student-athletes when it comes to an effective work ethic and general study habits.

St. Norbert College focuses on holistic education, so it is fitting that participation in athletics can lead to the overall development and growth of the athlete. When facing challenges, people often find resilience within themselves. For example, constant engagement in activities that minimize time students have available to study requires consistent, effective time management strategies . First-year cross country student Maddie Thorstad says, “Throughout high school and into college, I have had to learn to manage my time exceptionally well. However, in college, I have found that I have a lot more homework than I was used to having. Thankfully, I built good study habits in high school. I have found that spacing out my studying and finding the study methods that work for me allow me to budget my time better.” Junior cheerleader Lauren Disterhaft agrees stating, “Honestly, I think that balancing both a sport and academics has really helped my time-management. Knowing that I might have a lot going on during the week depending on my practice and game schedule, pushes me to get assignments and studying done as soon as I can.” In both cases, limited time and additional commitments actually helped fine-tune students’ study habits.

Balancing athletics and a college workload seems to be quite a sizable undertaking, but mastering effective time management and developing efficient study habits can benefit undergraduate students through their four years here at St. Norbert College and prepare them for the future.

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