The Legacy of 205

October 17, 2019

This year at the Pulse, we wanted to try something new: we’d like to share some of the student memories and stories about rooms in Bergstrom Hall.  Our first article will focus on Bergstrom 205, the room where I spent my first year at St. Norbert College. I’m now a sophomore, and looking back, I realize that my friends and I have many memorable stories from our first year in Bergstrom.    ~ Holly Buczek

      Residents of Bergstrom Hall have long had a tradition of leaving “gifts” to welcome future residents. These gifts can be humorous, odd, and everything in between.  When my roommate and I moved into room 205, cans of Chef Boyardee’s Mini Ravioli™ along with a note saying “ravioli, ravioli, we hope you survivioli” was our gift. Naturally, instead of eating the ravioli, we decided to save it for future students and include other canned food “in case of an apocalypse.”


     For my group of friends, the lounge was the preferred spot. Occasionally, the lounge would be occupied, and if so, someone’s room was always available.  The room we would use depended on what we needed. In this specific case, we needed a TV to watch The Bachelor and since my room had the biggest TV, we had the honor of hosting this particular event.  My friends and I squeezed into that little cinder block room, bringing extra chairs for comfort.  If you’re wondering how many people a typical room in Bergstrom can hold, the answer is thirteen, but ten, comfortably.  We wouldn’t recommend trying to fit so many people into a room, but if you ever needed to, you now know the limit.


      As the year came to a close, it was our turn to leave a gift for the incoming students. So in addition to the ravioli, we added cans of corn and peas along with a note saying that when times get tough, this food will be their sustenance.  We also added the lights from under our beds in hopes that they could give the next year’s residents the same feeling of home that they gave to my roommate and me.   


     That brings us to this year’s first-year students. Now is the time to make memories. Before you know it, this year will be over and you will move on with the rest of your time here at SNC.  It will make you sad —don’t think that it won’t— to see the room where you spent the last year of your life bare as you wait to check out for the year.  As that sad feeling starts to rise, remember the good times. I know I will always remember the memories I made in Bergstrom Hall. Now I am passing the baton to you, as it was passed to me from the residents before me, from the residents before them. 


**The continuation of these articles depends on YOU. If any would like to share their Bergstrom Hall stories and possibly be featured in a future legacy article, please share your memories on this form:










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