Ask Gerty: Advisement is Approaching

October 11, 2019


Dear Gerty,

       "With advisement day fast approaching, I am getting very nervous about my future and what I will do in the next few years here at SNC. I now know my major and I think that I have my next year or so planned out. However, I am very worried about whether or not I will make my mark outside of academics. What is there that I can do that will allow for me to make a name for myself or be different than other people so I stand out? How can I leave a legacy where people will remember me?"



   Concerned College Student

Dear Concerned College Student,

      This is a very important question that many people, including myself when I was an undergraduate, are too afraid to ask. Yet, it is a question everyone should ask themselves while in college. Let me share a few insights to help you understand what direction you want to take, what you want to do, and what you want to be known for? And, why? You talked about joining something bigger than yourself. I might recommend joining one of the numerous clubs on the St. Norbert campus or even making one. Why, I remember back when I started the chariot racing club my first year on campus and it caused a mighty uproar when I ousted a senior during our first competition. Needless to say, my driving is a lot less hectic since those days. I digress... the good news is that there are many, many clubs and organizations to consider at SNC in which you can make your mark. Join a club because it speaks to you! When you feel passionate about a cause, that is when you make your mark! It's easy to excel if you love what you're doing! But I hope you don't feel passionate about exploring tunnels. I can tell the sad tale of some poor students from years ago who felt passionate about exploring tunnels around campus. It did not go well for these poor souls. Their tunnel exploration legacy led to them to being revered by few and disliked by many (something about not following basic exploring rules). Don't get me wrong, tunnels can be a thrill - like the time I dug a hole through the Appalachian Mountains with some people I met at a local diner. We did so well the town made a real road through it! But again I digress...In terms of leaving a legacy and standing out, the best advice I can give is to be yourself and find something you can holistically devote yourself to. My way of standing out is being a mentor to bright minds like yourself. Just make sure that when you're devoting yourself to whatever it is you're passionate about, is to have a good life, health, friend balance. Creating a legacy can be good or bad (tunnels = bad); you have control over it. All I ask is that you do your best!


Best of luck with life beyond Bergstrom Hall,

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