Honors Siblings: The Koleske Brothers

November 25, 2019


St. Norbert College prides itself on the communio, or living as one community, that is found on campus. Being such a small campus, it is easy to meet new people and form close relationships. However, for some Honors students, they arrive on campus with a close bond already formed - family bonds!





This month, we talked to siblings Josh and Jonah Koleske. These brothers both chose St. Norbert to further their education and both are members of SNC's men's soccer team. Josh is a senior at SNC majoring in biology and minoring in psychology. Jonah joined the SNC community this year as a first-year student, majoring in psychology and minoring in mathematics. The brothers are from Appleton, Wisconsin. When asked why they were drawn to SNC, both boys agreed that continuing their athletic career in soccer was an important factor in addition to educational goals.  Josh, as a premed student, was drawn to the science program offered here, and Jonah liked the feeling of a smaller campus.


      Not only do the brothers both attend St. Norbert, but they are both involved in the Honors Program!! They chose the Honors Program to challenge themselves academically and to be surrounded by other critical thinkers. Josh says the best part about the program is the small class sizes, tutorials, and priority registration. Jonah likes hanging out in the lounges of Bergstrom Hall and enjoys the fact that he has gotten to know many of his peers on campus. 


       Although most students in the program do not know what it is like to have a sibling on campus, the Koleske brothers get to experience it this year. When asked what it was like having a sibling on campus, Josh said it was a nice way to stay connected with family amidst all of his other responsibilities. Jonah claims that, although he is fully capable of making his own decisions, it is reassuring to know that there is someone on campus to fall back on. Although the boys will part their ways after graduation as Josh intends on medical school and Jonah has graduate school in his future, they will always have a home away from home here at St. Norbert College!


Fun Facts:

  • Josh’s favorite cafeteria food is apple crisp and ice cream. Jonah’s favorite is brownies and ice cream or the “death by chocolate” bar.

  • Josh’s favorite drink from Ed’s is the Packer smoothie, and Jonah’s is the banana shake.

  • Josh’s favorite class is systemic physiology, and Jonah’s is astronomy.

  • Josh’s favorite study spot is the GMS conference room, and Jonah’s is the third floor of the library or a quiet spot in GMS.






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